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Trooper Customization Ideas

I think the main reason besides the issue they can’t find a good way to properly implement trooper customization is that for some factions the skin possibilities are a bit limited. So I thought I’d delve into Star Wars games and comics to find some cool options that we could possibly receive as skins in the future. Hopefully this will be considered by the Devs. In this post I’ll be focusing on the Empire, but feel free to add your own skin ideas for any of the 4 classes of any faction, just be sure to make sure it fits within the realm of possibility not deviating too far from the base in-game models and include a picture!
  1. Assault:
    • Shock Troopers- The red stripe clad armor we all came to love from Battlefront 1
    • Shadow Troopers- Shiny black beauties
    • Stormtrooper Commander- A classic from Force Unleashed
    • 501st striped stormtroopers, or at least pauldrons.
  2. Heavy:
    • Shock Trooper stripes
    • EVO Troopers- Built tough to kill tougher
    • Shoretroopers- Sandy Scarif
    • Tank Troopers- Keeping Jedha on lockdown
    • Nova Troopers- They look so much cooler than you
  3. Officer:
    • They can receive various faces and such, or possibly the white uniform
    • Chiss alien skin- Blue through and through
  4. Specialist:
    • Storm Commando- You never saw them coming
    • Shock trooper stripes

Hopefully these will be considered!
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