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Offline starfighter assault please?

I understand an offline galactic assault kind of thing is being worked on, but if it's possible, can we see an offline starfighter assault? I don't want to pay to fly around in a laggy spaceship. Fighter squadron is fun, but battlefront 2 is completely different and i would enjoy some space battles.


  • RyanWindsor
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    Not just space battles. That’s what I liked most about fighter squadron and BF1 is that most took place in atmosphere. The space maps are welcome, but it’s important not to forget that ANY map with flyable ships should get included. That’s why Fighter Squadron is a bit better of an option.

    Huge fan of getting an offline starfighter mode.
  • While I completely agree with you, I'm just dying for any sort-of offline spaceship game mode
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    Emperor Royal Guard TIE/IN
  • Totally agree.
    Arcade is described as a way to practice with heroes, troopers and builds to be more effective in the multiplayer side of the game.
    Yet they give us no way to practice in ships, other than in single player, doing campaign missions.
    Should have learned from all the backlash from the previous game, and given us arcade starfighter battles from the start.
  • Yes! Finally someone who sees what I mean. But i don't even see it as practice! I haven't enough money to frequently buy online, so the only way I can play battlefront 2 is arcade! (Besides campaign, obviously.) I already love how they made arcade, but I feel like the promised bigger game mode and star fighter assault should've been included at launch. They already promised an offline big game mode, but we haven't heard anything about star fighter assault! Arcade is nothing more than an arcade, at this point. It's fun to mess around with, but if you want to actually play the game, you need a real game mode. Not to mention that I also want an offline ranking up system, one that is completely separated from online, but works the same way.
  • Any new news on this. I’ve been looking for anything from EA/DICE. Nothing.
  • Yeah, I know. The lack of arcade content is sad.
  • quite silly they didn't have it from the start. Wonder if we will ever get a response from anyone official.
  • Watch star wars hq's newest video
  • Will_Iorio wrote: »
    Watch star wars hq's newest video

    Me too! Very excited!!! :)
  • Yeah. Offline Starfighter would be nice.
    A few weeks ago, I went to my friend's house to actually do a Starfighter match on his PS4 cause he bought a second controller just so we could play split-screen like in the old days but, we discovered that there wasn't offline Starfighter. We played Blast for like 30 minutes and then turned it off because we were so bummed that we couldn't play Starfighter mode.
    For more context, I have the game on PC but, he bought the game on PS4 because he was under the impression that split-screen would have offered co-op for online and local split-screen play for more than just Blast. You can only imagine how disappointed we were :/
  • Yeah. Dissapointed, indeed.
  • Chciałbym też tryb galactic assult w BF2.
  • Glad to see that offline Starfighters were added :D
    Now we just need more Starfighter maps ;)
    *cough*port all the space-based maps from BF1 in-bulk and not one at a time*cough*
  • I know such things will never come, but have just lost in my thoughts. what do you think about it: if we in Starfighter "assault" would be able to play the big Star Destroyer (40 v 40). with a Venator class against the separatist frigate over coruscant, or the attack on the malevolence, where you have to bring the destroyers into tactically good position to fire at the enemy cruiser. the starfighter would have to steal important targets. There should also be landing troops trying to board the enemy ship to sabotage it. The goal is to shoot the enemy cruiser from the sky. Similar scenarios with both death stars, etc. what do you think of that or how would you implement this scenario? I imagine to experience the big space battles as real as possible.
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