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Some hero dialogue isn't working properly


Some dialogue between heroes is glitched and some dialogue doesn't seem to be working at all

For example:
Palpatine: "Your armour... mandalorian?"
Boba: "Not anger, drive"

This obviously doesn't fit together and neither does their other dialogue to each other

Luke: "Now all we need is R2"
Leia: "That trash compactor saved you"

Now either Leia is incredibly rude or Luke and Leia's dialogue is also glitched. (None of their other dialogue fits together either)

Leia and Vader dialogue also seems to be broken

Leia: "Lord Vader"
Vader: "Your Rebellion has become an irritant."

Vader's response should be "Your highness"

Leia: No Tarkin to hide behind?
Vader: Yet I stand before you now.

Vader's response should be "Your defiance conceals your fear"

Leia: Your master's reign is over!
Vader: You have survived past your time.

Vader's response should be "Yet I stand before you now"

Leia: What'll it be? A torture, a bloodbath?
Vader: Your highness.

Vader's response should be "You have survived past your time"

There also seems to be not working at all, for example:
Yoda and Luke
Kylo and Finn
Rey and Finn

Luke and Yoda was in the beta files but is nowhere to be found in the full game

In the files, Finn starts conversations with Rey and Kylo but I've never heard these ingame
Ponds main

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