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The possible future of star wars battlefront 2

Wonders of Mon Cala season, Chewbacca gets a cool new theme. Have a heroes' presence be announced on the intercom in Galactic Assault. Fix all the problems with Heroes vs Villains.

New community challenge for unlocking Leia's bounty hunter outfit for all Tatooine maps. Speaking about Tatooine maps add Jabba's Palace as a free update for small game modes. Fix Starfigher Assault by actually listening to the players and not adding more debris maps. Fix Heroes vs Villains by increasing player count from 8 to 12

Community challenge for the rest of the exclusive emotes and themes for battlefront 2. Another double XP weekend as well.

By now we should get news about the new heroes for the Mysteries Of Mygeeto season. It should be Ki-Adi Mundi and either a bounty hunter like Jango or Embo. If not Bacara at least add some Mygeeto exclusive Galactic Marine skins for the Republic since we haven't got any yet.

Starfighter Assault for the Mysteries of Mygeeto season. This will be a space battle. It will be good enough for me and a lot of players to have one map. Speaking about maps. We need a Tantive IV map for another community challenge as a free update to the game. Leia's A New Hope outfit should also be unlocked for this.

By now we should have gotten the Mysteries of Mygeeto season or about to get it. We should get confirmed maps for the final season being The Journeys on Jedha. The heroes being Chirrut, Baze, Old Ben and 3 more bounty hunters like 4-LOM, Zuckuss and IG-&8. Also we should get a few more skins for rebels and empire such as Admiral Ackbar's race and more storm trooper variants. The level cap could also be changed by now with more unlocks. We will also get a new campaign add on about the adventures of Chirrut and Baze

EA if I were in charge of this game all of that would be put in and nobody would complain. So please take all of that into consideration Thank you.
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