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Looking for people to play with.

Hello, my name is Carson or ExplosiveDisney prefer. I play Star Wars Battlefront 2 very frequently and am looking for someone to become friends with and play Battlefront together with. Add me on discord and direct message me at Carson#1500


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  • Ha Carson what system do u play on? I'm on the PS4 an I'm on it every day mate my name on the ps4 is as is on here
  • Join the Sith Remnant! We have a very active community, there are nearly always members online to fight beside you. We have a club on Xbox and a discord channel.
    Xbox Club Link:
    Hope to see you on the battlefront!
    GT: HurricaneTurbo
    Sith Lady in the Sith Remant

  • cwagungood
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    Hello Carson, I would like to invite you to my PC gaming clan, TTRMAT. We are very chill and are a nice, fun group of people to hang out with. We have no multi-clanning policies or honor codes other gaming clans have are are open to anyone who wants to have fun and play games. Some other games we play aside from Battlefront are PlanetSide 2, Civilization, World of Tanks, World of Warships, War Thunder, and Rainbow Six Siege. I sent you a friend request (my Discord name is GunGood#3948), so PM me and I will link you to our Discord. :)
  • Looking for new players to play with on XBOX 1 It’s been dry asf these days. Add me if you tryna play.
    GamerTag: OrangeJuiceFam
  • Darth_SuperGrovr on PC
  • Orc
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    If your looking for a PC clan you can visit. we are pretty laid back and we have pretty even group of players that play GA, Starfighter and H v V
  • I invite you to check out Imperial Ground Forces - IGF
    We celebrate our 20th Anniversary as a Star Wars Gaming Clan this November.
    We have scheduled game nights, weekly Battlefront 2 events, active discord, robust website and members of all ages.

    Our Star Fighter Assault group Black Squadron is widely recognized as the best in the Battlefront 2 Star Fighters Community. We are also active on the ground and are all about making battlefront 2 fun for each other.

    If this interests you please join us in discord and check out our site

    Also I'm IGF_TalonnD_654 on discord and TalonnD#9865 on discord. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.
  • Hello There! I am an ambassador for RGF and we're looking to recruit new members to our community who are looking to join with a pal on the battlefront and just have a great time!

    We are a laid back clan who enjoy both casual and competitive gameplay. We are built on fun with friends, competitive need, and much more!

    RGF has been around since 2000 and has hosted/supported almost every Star Wars game released up to this present time. We currently support both Star Wars: Battlefront (2015) and Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017).

    We welcome any and all types of members of skill and region. All we ask is you be respectful and keep gameplay clean and fun. We do not accept glitches and hackers of any kind, nor do we allow it to happen within our presence.

    We also have an elite ground unit focused and dedicated to competitive gameplay who have their own weekly night within the Discord. Talk to Nerd Of The Force about signing up with them.

    By joining up with RGF, you're eligible to earn special awards and ribbons, as well as gain special access within our Discord.

    Does this interest you? If so, enlist with us today here:
    Feel free to add Nerd Of The Force as your recruiter!

    You will find our Discord here:

  • Only looking for dark side friends, my id is Metall_O4 on origin and it's O not 0
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