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Looking for people to play with.

Hello, my name is Carson or ExplosiveDisney prefer. I play Star Wars Battlefront 2 very frequently and am looking for someone to become friends with and play Battlefront together with. Add me on discord and direct message me at Carson#1500


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  • Ha Carson what system do u play on? I'm on the PS4 an I'm on it every day mate my name on the ps4 is as is on here
  • Join the Sith Remnant! We have a very active community, there are nearly always members online to fight beside you. We have a club on Xbox and a discord channel.
    Xbox Club Link:
    Hope to see you on the battlefront!
    GT: HurricaneTurbo
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    Hello Carson, I would like to invite you to my PC gaming clan, TTRMAT. We are very chill and are a nice, fun group of people to hang out with. We have no multi-clanning policies or honor codes other gaming clans have are are open to anyone who wants to have fun and play games. Some other games we play aside from Battlefront are PlanetSide 2, Civilization, World of Tanks, World of Warships, War Thunder, and Rainbow Six Siege. I sent you a friend request (my Discord name is GunGood#3948), so PM me and I will link you to our Discord. :)
  • Looking for new players to play with on XBOX 1 It’s been dry asf these days. Add me if you tryna play.
    GamerTag: OrangeJuiceFam
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