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Attacker/Defender Air Balance

I think a few more maps are in need of some balance to starfighter units like what Mos Eisley received with the removal of the A-wing. I’m guessing it can generally be agreed the attackers are supposed to have more units available to help push forward. Obviously the defenders need units of their own to put up resistance to not be steamrolled, but on maps like Hoth, Takodana, and Jakku it’s easy to overwhelm the attackers which shouldn’t happen. On Hoth especially the TIE’s get ravaged by rebel fighters, especially since the snow speeder is more or less a fourth fighter. It can easily outgun the interceptor and the TIE fighter which is nonsense. It’d be more balanced if the Y-wing or A-wing was removed from the map. Jakku should have 2 fighters available for FO, and Takodana the A-wing/X-wing combo can singlehandedly deny stage one from being capped. Kamino may also be unbalanced but I’m not sure, that map seems to depend more on the pilots. Mos Eisley is much more balanced and the win rate is much more even now from my experience, so please do the same for these other 3 maps, or at least take a look at the issue. More thoughts are welcome
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