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(PC) Yoda invincibility bug in HvV

I was playing HvV as Maul today and I noticed that whenever the enemy Yoda was the target, we lost. Why? Well, it turns out, whenever we'd shoot him or slice him up with sabers, his health never went down. Now, he wasn't using his absorb/block ability or healing over and over again, just in case anyone asks in the comments. However, he was encased in lightning due to the Palpatine bug, so it could have something to do with that. Has anyone else experienced this?


  • Cwebb1886
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    On PS4 yes with heroes vs Villians. One particular team would send the Yoda out to attack our team hoping to draw us out or chase him. We attacked Yoda and he received no damage while the other team members shot us the bits. We Dropped off immediately after that. One of the opposing team members messaged us for running away scared (not the exact words) and it became an intense keyboard warrior battle which was more exciting than the game itself. We hit them with a dictionary of curses. Needless to say when you lose the game don’t lose the fight lol.
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