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Room Placement based on Experience Levels

Disclaimer: I cannot play this game as well as many of you!!!!

Room placement "has to" be based on skill level. I have absolutely had it with hitting someone ( Normal Trooper) with my explosive sentry 6 times and not killing them. Some of you are going to say that its because my opponent is moving, well no ****, more power to them this, combat roll stuff comes with experience . I love this game but the playing field has got to leveled. What Chance do i have at level 30 against a level 700 officer? i will tell you "0" chance. Again i love this game but please do not put me in a room where all i can do is watch a player kill me and respawn-repeat.


  • That's where the "matchmaking" mechanic needs to be improved, so overall team balance is comparable. Can't exclude players from a server just because they "aren't the right level." They can balance the team though, so that one isn't steamrolling the other. If your team is balanced it affords you the opportunity to try and get better.
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