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Tried the new update no credits

129 posts Member
edited February 2018
So i tried this new update and i got to rank 45 and got 2900 credits for it when i went out of the credit screen to quit got to the main menu i didnt recive the credits wth DICE


  • Yep same here. Ranked to level 39. Supposed to get 3065 credits. Back to main screen and... nothing. Never happened before the 1.2 patch.
    Origin : AOD_Stratocactus
  • Yeah so what are we seppose to do now not rank or we might lose the credits who knows this game is garbage...
  • Oh, I get it! They "fixed" the duplicate card issue by making sure NOBODY gets credits. Makes sense when you think about it. :s
  • TonyGoombah1
    1324 posts Member
    edited February 2018
    DICE is really having a hard time lately. Wonder whats up they should really be more honest with their community. But they are so afraid of bad press
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