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Server Browser / Server List

This game is very disappointing, you spend half an hour looking for server to play, and when it is available, this game urgently needs Server Browser / Server List. Please bring it in the next update! :s :( :'(


  • thylacine7
    31 posts Member
    edited February 2018
    Yep, +1. I thoroughly enjoyed the last Battlefront and enjoy this one even more, but the lack of a server browser basically means I don't play. When I play is usually lunchbreaks Australian time, and I can never find a decent server. I sit waiting for ages for it to connect, then to load, and when it does I'm in an empty server.

    I then try changing my region and repeat the process, ad nauseum.

    I've taken to waiting ~30 seconds to see if I get joined quickly into a server, and if I don't I cancel then try another region, rinse and repeat (note: I wouldn't even bother going to this effort if I didn't enjoy the game so much).

    Most of the time I don't find a single game, so I go and play something else.

    These were the same problems the first one had, and I hoped against hope it'd be fixed or improved somehow this time round, but alas no.

    I simply don't understand why they've forced us (PC players) to use this rubbish matchmaking service, without any option to queue for a full server, when Battlefield 1 has a perfect browser system that works every time (note: I never use matchmaking in that title, even though it's an option. Never, not even once). Most of the time the servers are full, but I'll happily sit and wait in a queue when I know I'll shortly be able to join a full game.

    Shame, I would've been happy to buy some crystals (when they return) if it was something I could play regularly, but your lack of a browser has ensured that won't happen, and I'll quite simply never buy another one of your titles that doesn't have a browser; this second time round has been one time too many.
  • I am with the launch of Star Wars Battlefront 2 because of this, I spend a lot of time looking for server, and when I think, this empty, it would be easier to be a browser server for you to see empty and full servers as well as wasting time, for Because of this, I try to play other games.
  • icazb
    30 posts Member
    Would really love a server browser, matchmaking has been a pain, I keep getting into lobbies with only 2 or 3 people (I'm in Indonesia btw).
    And when I do get in a full lobby, it's always rubber banding like crazy.

    I own Battlefield 1, and Battlefront 1 and 2.

    Battlefield 1 with server browser was amazing, I don't understand why DICE won't put the same feature.
  • Server browser much needed
  • Apacchi
    18 posts Member
    edited April 2018
    Yes please, from South Africa here, In the beginning there were plenty of players, but it seems with each update it gets worse.

    Today I can't play at all!! empty servers for the last 30min in ALL game modes. WTF? I even changed ping site to United Kingdom in the hopes of joining a server in Europe, nothing... wasted my money on this game after I asked EA if there are populated servers in SA before I bought the game.

    Thank you EA for being so greedy and **** the game up so much that too many people left.
  • Yeah, just give us a server browser already so we don't waste time wondering if anybody is playing particular game modes or the server is just full. Let us see what is playing and queue for a slot rather than wasting time with your auto-search. I haven't been able to play Strike for months and I don't know if it is because Aussies are avoiding it or there is no free slot. Was the same in 2015, it took me 4 months before I got to join a Supremacy match for the first time.
  • please put a server browser in the game, can not stand looking for matches and find nothing, I am searching for an hour and I can only find a match, then all the players left and I stayed another half hour until I found another, this It's annoying, this game is dying because of that. listen to the community !!!!!!!
    put a server browser.
    put a server browser.
    put a server browser.
    put a server browser.
    put a server browser.
    put a server browser.
    put a server browser.
  • Fully agree - ADD SERVER BROWSER. I disagree strongly with most of the negativity that's been thrown around about this game, and I loved playing it when I could. I've now not played it for weeks and the ONLY reason is that I can't ever find a match. Even worse than no browser, is that if it can't find you a server in about 90 seconds or whatever, it throws you in an empty server! Why not let it search for 20 minutes if it at least means it will eventually put me in a server or queue somewhere active? Love this game, disappointed I only got about 2 months of play out of it.
  • thylacine7 wrote: »
    I've taken to waiting ~30 seconds to see if I get joined quickly into a server, and if I don't I cancel then try another region, rinse and repeat (note: I wouldn't even bother going to this effort if I didn't enjoy the game so much).

    Most of the time I don't find a single game, so I go and play something else.

    Also +1 this. I would think the fact that I want to play the game, and even log in and try to play the game... and the end result is I quit and go play a game from another publisher? I know they already got my initial purchase $$, but that cannot be their desired outcome.
  • I agree that a server browser is needed. Matchmaker only works 1/4 of the time and does not give players the results as intended. Whenever a dev group (EA or DICE) files a patent system, we need to reject it. Battlefront2's 2005 Browser system worked as intended and players still play that game. Matchmaker systems have always been a failure for consumers even for a "Games as a Service" Model like Battlefront's 2015 and 2017.
  • icazb
    30 posts Member
    spent 1/2 an hour trying to find a GA match... still no luck.. (ping set to Singapore)
  • TMF
    155 posts Member
    edited April 2018
    Yes, would love to see this. Would make everything 10 times easier.
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  • icazb
    30 posts Member
    edited April 2018
    OH FOR THE LOVE OF JAR JAR! please give us server browser already!!!

    I had been playing for several GA matches (nicely balanced and amazing!) but then the number of ppl start to decline and then I was forced to quit as there are not enough people playing.

    I then tried to find another match for 1 HOUR! 1 EFFING HOUR! I got sooo frustrated so I just quit...

    I bought this game to play Star Wars Battlefront... NOT a Lobby Simulator!

    AND THE WORSE THING IS... I've been to several half empty lobbies with different people and if you just put the people on those half empty lobbies together... guest what?? WE'LL HAVE A FULL LOBBY!


    PS: sorry for the caps... this is just soo frustrating.
  • 100% I am in Australia and it is near on impossible to find a match a server browser would be awesome or even just change the match making rules to put us in a different regions matches if it cannot find a match in our own area but seriously how damn hard is it to have a server browser.

    Guys it’s an awesome game but that doesn’t matter at all if you can’t play it at all! For us in Australia the game may as well not exist!
  • xBolloxs
    59 posts Member
    The man is right. I'm in Oz too. Haven't found a game of Strike this year, SFA dropped off in the past 4 weeks and Blast has been off for ages too.

    A server browser would let us see what games are in play and queue for them rather than wasting valuable time blindly trying your luck.

    The auto connect method was an idea that failed in 2015, you need to get a server browser in place. Some more maps wouldn't hurt too!

  • Antee
    50 posts Member
    Complete agree. It's a joke that the devs haven't addressed this. I realise that it's probably some **** in Management at EA that is refusing to let this progress, because that's nearly always the hold up.

    As nice as it is that once I'm in a game it's not lagging like crazy anymore since the shader optimisation, the fact that it takes 10-30 minutes just to get INTO a game is absurd, and guarantees that I will not spend any money on microtransactions.

    As I've posted in god knows how many threads before, and as countless others have already pointed out as well - a server browser and ability to queue up for matches like in the Battlefield series would instantly fix this ridiculous situation.

    EA, please fire most of your management team. They are stupid and costing you money by frustrating the hell out of your player base.
  • H4YW1R3
    63 posts Member
    Just give us private servers back. Let us choose the servers we play, and give us the ability to do things like switch heroes off in Galactic Assault. And give admins the ability to temp ban. Just let us play the way we want to play instead of how you want us to play, or how your research tells you your matchmaker should work in order to keep people playing longer. Just let us just play the game.
  • iketsu
    1 posts Member
    +1 EA, just put a server browser.
  • It was claimed by EA representatives 2 months or more ago that a server browser was techically not possible with the server software they use for Battlefront
  • This game is very disappointing, you spend half an hour looking for server to play, and when it is available, this game urgently needs Server Browser / Server List. Please bring it in the next update! :s :( :'(

    i deeply wish for this to happen, i dont even care about clone wars content, i want to be able to play what I want not what the game lets me.
  • Ruined Battlefront for me, thought it was a technical error that EA support said they had not resolved and are looking into it. Server browser is a must if the server populations is this low !!! Come on EA
  • I really regret buying the game since it is basically faulty without a server browser. I hate wasting time waiting to see if I will get into a game. Then the game puts me into a lobby by myself. The game looks great, the play is good....but what a waste of our money and the developers time if you cannot play it. Worse, thanks Disney for letting down a Star Wars fan...I bought the game because it was Star Wars...I'll try not to make the same mistake again.
  • HELLO, we need a serverbrowser! :'(
  • We need a serverbrowser!!!!! Can`t find servers. I really like this game and can`t find servers to play. Let me decide what tipe of game to play based in available servers with people there
  • I second that notion, please please please put a server browser in.

    Battlefield has one, why can't Battlefront?

  • Moxx
    68 posts Member
    edited December 2018
    Im pretty sure this game doesnt have tons of empty servers out there running games you could just pop into if you wanted.

    Im pretty sure this game creates a new instance when there are enough players to require a new one.

    This is why you sometimes get thrown in an empty server...everyone else playing in your region in that mode is currently in a game and you are odd man out, so the game has to create a new instance for you, which others can join if you stay in it.

    This is why if you cancel connecting to a map you dont want to play, and search again, lots of times it will try to put you back in that same instance on the map you dont want to play, because that is the ONLY instance available with an open player slot.

    I honestly think there are never any more than 3-4 GA instances going on in my region at once, so having a server browser might be pointless afterall, since the servers arent really there waiting to be filled, unless someone has requested to play that mode and an instance was created for them.

    It's pretty funny....I think maybe an attempt to hide the low playerbase. But once you realize you see the SAME people in just about every game you can figure it out.

    EDIT: I spend ~20-25% of my time searching games instead of playing it feels like.
  • Still a year later and no server browser. New content looks awesome but haven't been able to play it because NO SERVER BROWSER. So I don't bother trying to play this anymore
  • gfunk
    1 posts Member
    signed up to AGREE

    server browser and queue for full games

    otherwise people just get in a empty lobby, leave and go play something on steam
  • Kana
    1 posts Member
    I am so disappointed..... I bought this game just now, like 2 hours ago or so, and I'm not finding any game to join, and no server browser so I can't see if anyone is playing at all even.... but i saw one other guy in lobby with me.... ONE guy at least........... seriously!!! :(
    If I knew it would be like this I wouldn't buy this game....... I will be VERY careful buying any EA-game in future
  • i hate having to wait the game to search for a match only to find myself sent to an empty or almost empty server making me go back to the menu and try again until i actually find a game, but i usually get sent back to the empty and almost empty ones.

    server browser would help me a lot to avoid this trouble
  • I live in Singapore and I’ve been playing Battlefront not long since it’s release.

    Nowadays, with the newest addition of Capital Supremacy, there only seems to be 3 games styles ever available, GA, HvV & GS ... it’s getting so boring.

    All the other games are now just completely redundant and it’s such a pity. I love star fighter assault especially but nope. I can’t even remember what Ewok hunt was like.

    This is where Battlefield is far superior. You can browse the servers and find that different or favourite game you want to join

    EA if you’re not going to do a server browser that would allow like minded players the opportunity to come together in their favourite games then can you at least reduce the minimum number of players needed to give a better chance of joining one.

    Otherwise you are endorsing the complete devaluing of your game and therefore proving it is a waste of money.

    I ask this politely and in good faith.
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