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Post Patch: No credits after level up (29 > 30)

Been saving all my credits for a day and a half. Was at 13,000, trying to get the last 2k. Was about to level up so I went into SA and played a couple rounds because that's where I earn the most BP.

I level up at the end of Ryloth or whatever it's called, see the credit counter go up like 2600-something, and think "Oh great! Now I can unlock Luke!". Back out after credit tally screen but before the loading screen for the next round.

Get back to main menu, and I still only have 13k credits, but the level 30 part stuck. Shut down game (Xbox btw) and restarted fresh.....still no credits.

^Maximum the Hormone - Alien^
(Sort of an atypical/joke song, all their other songs are way better)

Gamertag: Billkwando
Find me circling, and crashing, in Starfighter Assault.


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