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Infinite Jetpack BUG found in new Jetpack Cargo Mode

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edited February 2018
This is the proper way to present it EA moderators? I'm unsure you closed my last thread because I had used all caps, and for that my apologies, I hadn't read the whole forum rules before, so I just went there to check it and confirmed it isn't allowed. Or maybe you closed because I exposed a BUG? But the moderator who closed didn't give me a reason to close it, just a reason I was wrong in my title (I could've edited it to remove the caps, but now it's closed). Anyway, here is the BUG:

Tired of BUGs?

Well, they'll still exist.
But visit the Rogue Bros Channel, there we document many BUGs and possible workarounds for them. There's also gameplay and other videos related to EA's Star Wars Battlefront (I & II)


  • @RogueZeroRendar

    I did not close it because you posted an issue, I closed it because it was in all caps. Those are an instant lock no matter the topic of a thread. However, as I stated in my last post I escalated the issue and your thread and evidence even if it was closed. Since this thread is now a duplicate but also discussion of moderation which is also not allowed, I will close it as well. Do not discuss moderation as that is not allowed and you can check that in the forum rules too if you missed it.

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