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PC Players/Discord Channel

PC Players,

It seems as though the 4-5 discord channels I used to use for BF2 (primarily GA large groups) have all died down and not many players. Any discord channels or PC gaming channels where people are actually playing?

Origin: bonham81


  • Hey there Bonham81!

    If you're interested in gaming in an area where channels don't die down give us a look! We're a gaming community growing strong since 1999. Due to this fact and many more we have members playing with us all day long! With 200 members and growing in the battlefront section!

    We participate in clan on clan matches where we do fun events like melee only or grenades only, and even heroes vs villains events where we go against each other and do some 1v1 duels for fun!

    Welcome to give us a look here at!

    Here are some pics of our previous events!

  • Hey bonham if you read this first make sure to accept my origin friend request so we can get you settled in. Wanna make sure to reach out anywhere i can reach you.
  • hola me estoy buscando un servidor de discord donde pueda jugar con companeros agregadme si pueden
  • Are the're any groups LF active players besides AOD. they are a good group but banned a few years back so hard to find a group of guys to play with that isnt related to aod.
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