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Catering to a specific type of player

Starting to get the feeling that the game is being catered to a specific type of player. No changes to officer presence, no Blurg range nerf (i'ts not damage that makes this ridiculous , it's the fact that you can get killed halfway across the map with ease) and basically what amounts to a Palps buff. Then look at the other nerfs, nerfing Reys insight to basically line of sight, why do I need to have enemies highlighted when I can SEE them ? Nerfing Chewies stun.. It's like they listened to the "Rack up BP with OP and Blurg then before the end of the first objective spawn as Palps and own everything" in what they chose to nerf and what they chose to leave alone.

Last night I decided to use OP (couldn't bring myself to cheese it up with the Blurg) used the SE44C (silently nerfed btw) and just kind of hang back not do a whole lot and see how much BP I could rack up. I had 9 kills and finished 5th for the match. At one point I was 2nd overall with 2 kills.

Honestly after that I was done with the game .. had decided to move on. Then I bought some loot crates and the new duplicate card rewards drew me back in .. well played....


  • Game is just not actively supported. There is no "constant change". Don’t expect them to fix annoying and buggy things in near decade.

    That Leia spamming secondary fire from base getting 100 kills? Not a problem.

    Palpatine is still OP and kills everyone? (and his lightning still kills everyone thru walls sometimes). Going to fix it by 2020!

    Starfighters farming spawns in Galactic assault? Gee, to bad we forgot to add anti air gadgets in the game. Better suck it up champ, run from spawn to get killed again.

    There is so much annoying broken things in this game - and it killing all the fun. I was defending it before, but now I’m just close to uninstalling it with every gaming session.
  • Just came off a game where officers held all the top positions and received all the rewards again. The only reason I load up the other characters is to complete the milestones.

    I've played 5 or so hours since the patch and its only slightly better but barely noticeable. I play on a console and are starting to think game play may only be a consideration on pc. But then again if you only use the officer you probably feel the game is great, what's everyone worried about.

    (I don't think 5 hours is enough for an informed decision, consider it conjecture. )
  • Agreed on death from above issues. It was rare in the beginning, but now pilots are much better and I die a lot from this because I'm always positioned well for defense on maps like Starkiller base. Literally 4-5 deaths in a row in different positions, with zero ability to defend or see it coming.
  • I played three rounds of GA this morning to fulfil the timed objective and they were the three worst games I've been involved in.

    Now I'm not saying that's because of the patch (I don't usually play at that time of day and there are obviously zillions of variables) but just sayin...
  • No thanks, I'd rather they keep the Officer the way he is. The problem isnt the Officer, the problem is that every other class needs a buff.
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