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Tow Cable Both AT-ATs On Hoth And That's All I Get For A Rewards?

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edited March 2018 Fergus/video/46259362

I noticed it I clipped the capture so it didn't put the score at the end but it was about 450, personally for being the person to end the match that quickly by knocking out 2 ATATs that should be an easy 660 max. Like that's something really hard to do. But I got no points or score for taking either one down and don't even get to be top 5. The overall system needs to be fixed to stop giving it to people that just get a lot of points for kills. I mean each over those should of been worth a good 1000 score each and for being the person responsible for your team winning I should have been the 1st place player MVP.

I'm not saying this to complain to be selfish. I just feel that players playing the objective deserve more of a reward. Tow cabling ATAT gets you nothing. If I wanted to be a non-team player i could of just stayed at killing ground troops instead but i played what i was designed for. And then on top of that they just show off the top 5 highest people in score. I know there was a problem before with 1 person getting all 5 spots but they really should change it to something where those 5 spots are for players that helped their team. Most times it's just going to players that got the highest score on kills and more likely weren't playing the objective. Like 1 spot should be destroy/captured/protected most objectives. one for who healed their teammates the most etc. Something that says "ya you helped out your team a lot. you deserve the spotlight to inspire others to be more like that guy". Not just "get a high score by not playing the objective and being a solo player and just go for kills". If they could change that in a future update that would be good improvement.


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