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Music and voices stop working, SA all sounds completely gone

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In everything ground related, after several matches, the voices of everyone (even announcer) and music is gone, but in SA all sounds are gone and it's dead silent, anyone else experience this?
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  • Landeaux2
    3253 posts Member
    I’m experiencing this in HvV right now
  • Yea. Had to restart game for sound to come back.
  • Lag was so bad in GA, any special triggered three animations before it kicked in. If it kicked in. And the no music and narrations. I got in a LAAT just because it was so unplayable. The screen was black with ***** the little target highlights for MTT and disruptors.

    This is why I don't play GA. Not because I don't like it, but because I can't play a reasonable game, hardwired with 100mbps.
  • Yes, happening here. XBONE.
  • It was happening from time to time since launch, but never that often
  • Mine goes in and out occasionally. Xbox.
  • Comes and goes, especially on startup and when returning to the menu. PS4.
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    1596 posts Member
    I noticed resetting the game fixes it....for a while though
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  • massika
    230 posts Member
    I always had this on galactic assault since months, on PC, at random the sound go away, i must close the game and reopen It.
    Probably also happens on sa but i dont play It so much.
  • alunguy
    582 posts Member
    Sound often cuts out in the later phases of Kashyyyk for a lot of people. You have to restart to get it working again. Never had it in SA though.
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