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Dodge roll tip for those asking for a buff.

Instead of rolling backwards, roll forwards. It will get you out of the stun. Plus, you will likely create extra space since the saber wielder is likely mashing the strike input.

Saber stuns aren't that bad. What's killing you most of the time is that the lunge from the strike creates a larger reach, which eliminates the iframes you are given.

Buffing the iframes would put us right back into the situation we were in before.


  • No. Saber stuns are bad.
  • marroos
    121 posts Member
    edited March 2018
    In HvV this is best tactic. Roll forward to lightsaber enemy, turn around, hit him and roll again forward to him, this style again and again until you kill him/ he kills you but will stay with low hp or until your teammate come to help you because this tactic save a lot of time. It is similliar against palpatine, roll forward to him, so he will have little problems with his lightning attacks. Against guns users use roll only when you have low hp and you are near cover.

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