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Do you ever Deny Kills?

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I played a game of blast the other day and while doing so I had many opportunities to commit suicide (on Kashyyyk) if or whenever I thought I was going to be killed. So I would jump the ledge at the moment I was around half health. The funny thing is I even got first place too, but I committed suicide for most of my deaths.

Basically I was denying those guys the kill.

Do you guys ever do this? Is it bad to do this to those players?
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  • d0kRX
    1490 posts Member
    If Im A hero in HvV with my team no where in sight and I see a wild herd of Vader Iden Maul and Kylo roaming towards I just respawn

    Nice, I'm not the only one then.
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  • IronSoldier
    3845 posts SWBF Senior Moderator
    Yep. It's pretty easy to guess the spawn locations and if the teleport may be useful. Rspawn is often quicker than waiting for an ability. Can still start elsewhere on the map before initial spawn using ESC then resuming and spawning after it goes to the enemy line up. Lots of tricks to HvV.
  • Tricks? ...can people not just play as intended ?
  • I've noticed a few players deliberately crashing hero ships, such as the Millennium Falcon. This denied me a few battle points, but I didn't feel hard done by.
  • Huh, good idea, but It's just no fun to die (mainly because respawning takes FLIPPING FOREVER)
    Face it, Battlefront 2 sucks. OK then, why do I play it?
    I'm starting to regret ever getting Battlefront. My brothers annoy me by pretending my nerf guns are in-game blasters lol.
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    "What good is a reward if you ain't around to use it? Besides, attacking that battle station is not my idea of courage. It's more like, suicide."
    "That's not how the Force works."
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    "You know, sometimes I amaze even myself."
    "Would someone get this big walking carpet out of my way?" "No reward is worth this."
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  • Jello770
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    I've noticed a few players deliberately crashing hero ships, such as the Millennium Falcon. This denied me a few battle points, but I didn't feel hard done by.

    This really grinds my gears when I’ve been using the Schimitar to hunt them for the last five mins and think finally I might get one more tick towards its milestone only for it to kamikaze into an asteroid /:
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  • I'm never going to be able to get the achievment where you have to get 25 Hero kills with fighters, especially if they suicide all the time
  • Spiito
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    Mouthrax wrote: »
    Tricks? ...can people not just play as intended ?
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