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Didn’t you guys see the news?!

Priority Lists

1. Obi-Wan and grievous
2. Anakin and Dooku
3. Rex and Cad Bane
4. Ahsoka and Ventress
5. Mace and Savage
6. Padmè and Jango

1. Utapau
2. Felucia
3. Coruscant
4. Geonosis
5. Battle over Courascant/Grievous’ command ship

1.Large Mode/Conquest/Galactic Assault for arcade
2. Galactic Conquest
3. Guard,Sentinel,and commando classes
4. Skill based credit rewards in arcade
5. Appearances unlocked in arcade
Guard,Commando,and sentinel class ideas:
Skirmish/Offline content
“Everybody needs somebody.” -Rio


  • Expected. You need to recognise different classes as part of the game so this ties into that

    Strangely I set up a heavy class in bf15 with one of the heavy blasters, cooling cell medic droid and ion grenade/grenade and I used a quarren skin as it seemed the most apt

    So ner
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