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Battlefront 2 (PC) the reing of cheaters.

In the last month I have noticed a huge amount of one shot kill hackers. In almost 1/3 matches I join, there is at least 1 hacker... and that is a big problem. In a AAA game and shouldn't be allowed, although I doubt this one is a AAA game any more, I mean I do not feel the game to be at that level of quality.

Have you guys experienced the same problem?


  • IronSoldier
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    edited May 2018
    There are some cheats out there but I have to give it to Dice. Despite my initial concern over the last couple months the automatic detection of cheats has improved vastly. Go on any of the public cheat sites and you'll see people complaining they have the same issues as with BF1 resulting temp bans then being too scared to try again. There's still a minority escaping with cheats from private sites but overall we're in a way better place than the last game imo.

    Heck people are being picked up for using neon pink vader skins. Sadly with the new battlefield coming I suspect in coming months the anti cheat FF team focused on this game will dwindle.
  • Cheaters are not as rampant here as in Battlefield. My main issue are all the afkers in HvV? Why...just why?
  • massika
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    I dont know how many people ive reported sincerely..and there are many post...with the usual answer by a moderator that if you have any suspicious of hacking then report on the ea site...and this is all you can have...anyway oneshot on heroes aimbot damage hack, laat that destroy an aat full health in one second example, 140kills with a cr2, the most beautiful ever seen ....are normality...dont expect nothing
  • acc751
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    if you are bothered by hackers, you have 3 2 options

    1.) git gud (this isnt exactly possible)

    2.) quit playing

    3.) git hacks i cant condone hacking i might get banned
    Many of the arguments we have about this game would not exist if this was a single player focused game like it should have been since day 1.
  • danilojbg
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    I've seen about three obvious cheaters so far. Last one yesterday. The first two lasted little until they vanished from the game (hopefully banned). I hope the same happens with the third.

  • IIPrest0nII
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    If you suspect a player is not playing fairly or is violating EA terms of service, please report him directly:

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