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Issues with Starfighter Assault in Arcade (Bugs and other problems)

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edited May 2018
I am very happy about the fact that Starfighters were added to Arcade. But there are a few bugs and other issues that I noticed with those modes:

There seem to be a few bugs related to the fact that the addition of Splitscreen to Starfighter-modes seems to be a bit...rushed, and the Screens aren't "split" properly.

- Missing Enemy-Indicators:

Only Player one is granted the privilege of the red (and orange) indicator-arrows that show nearby enemies. Not only do those indicators NOT appear on the screen of the second player, (on Coop) Player one gets the arrows for player two as well. So enemies that are miles away from player one are indicated, because player two is pursuing them.

Same rule of "Player one takes it all" implies for Hard Lock. When Player two activates it on an enemy, his screen changes colours to the usual damper scheme for Hard Lock, but Player one gets the Highlighted indicator. When Player one activates Hard Lock it is all good and well for him, but the second player's screen gets the same blur-effect as Player one, only way more ugly and buggy (doesn't matter if on Coop or Versus).

- Missing Squad-indicators

The same Problem appears regarding the yellow blips indicating Squad members: only Player one has them.
But another weird thing about them: On Coop, none of the two Players has them for the other when they spawn at the same time.

- Settings for Player Two

Player two can not change his Gameplay or Control settings. It doesn't matter if e.g. advanced flight or Torpedo-toggle l ist activated or not, it always stays the default (no advanced flight = auto-realignment, Torpedo on toggle, not hold) in-game.

- "friendly-fire-"claims

For some reason, at least on of both Player's Pilot-avatars seems to think he is fighting for the enemy. Because without the other Player or AI-teammates doing anything, "Friendly-fire-"monologues are triggered now and then.

Another Bug in Starfighter-mode in Arcade (also Singleplayer)
- stuttering HUD

Sometimes, I haven't figured out when or why, the HUD starts to stutter and vibrate without context. Flying straight, the Starfighter is not affected by that, but while steering the ship, it too starts to wobble and stutter, which is very annoying.

Other Problems:
Many people have said this about Arcade-maps in general, but it is even more prominent in Starfighter Assault: The Maps in Arcade are too small. I think they shouldn't be sized down (compared to their Multiplayer counterparts) at all. It is unnecessary and takes away a lot of the fun from Space Combat.
I think it is a weird decision in general, because sinve it is singleplayer, why limit the size of the map even more? If the Player wants action, he'll get it. If he wants to explore, he'll do that. It is, again, unnecessary work on the wrong things. Rather focus on Objectives in Arcade or more Background-action than scaling down to maps, please!

Also, a problem that comes with the addition of splitscreen: Both screens are too smal. Or better put, the screens show to little. I think, if possible, it would be better to zoom the camera out a bit and therefore widen the field of view, rather than cutting it into two fitting pieces.

If you have any other bugs or improvement-ideas for SA in Arcade, let us know :)
Let's try to get this Thread seen by the ones "up above"...


  • ross42899
    1524 posts Member
    Nice list. I definitely wish the maps were a bit larger. Also I would like to see 16vs16 battles instead of just 10vs10. Spacebattles should feel more epic.

    The AI could need a few improvements too.

    Something I noticed: When I played the Endor map as an Imperial I noticed that the Star Destroyer was firing at hostile Rebel ships, but the Mon Calamari Cruiser did not fire at me or Imperial AI fighters. I think capital ships should always fire at hostile ships. Would make the battles feel more realistic and a bit harder if you close in towards the capital ships.
  • SAM4XE
    379 posts Member
    Bots only seem to fire Torpedoes at other bots not human players. Bots Starfighter health doesn't regenerate at all. Even on Expert difficulty bots are less aggressive against human players.
  • esalete
    2 posts Member
    edited May 2018

    - Settings for Player Two

    Player two can not change his Gameplay or Control settings. It doesn't matter if e.g. advanced flight or Torpedo-toggle l ist activated or not, it always stays the default (no advanced flight = auto-realignment, Torpedo on toggle, not hold) in-game.

    I would add to this the fact that player two in arcade mode is always a guest player. Not a real user. I am not aware about how this works on PC, but on consoles you must "sign into" the console with your user before playing a game. And all the games know who is player 1, player 2 ...
    Having Player 2 as a guest player instead of a real user has two problems:
    • No points/credits are assigned to player 2.
    • The control settings of player 2 are the same as the ones for player 1. For me, this makes the starfighter assult arcade unplayable, because player 1 would like to use normal controls while player 2 would like to use inverted controls, but if both must use the same settings, one or the other will not be able to play.

  • Heyy they sized up the Maps! At least something...

    The maps are still much smaller than their Multiplayer counterparts, but again, it's a start. Maybe they ARE listening to feedback regarding Singleplayer after all
  • SAM4XE
    379 posts Member
    edited July 2018
    A new bug has been introduced since the latest update. The Ai on both sides stop respawning halfway through a game to the point where no bots are left to shoot at.
  • maybe it would help if we got this to @F8RGE XD
  • On the kamino map have few issues too. If you kill enemy AI fighters too fast, there starting to be off the map and you have to wait for while for the fight come back for the middle. Another issue is by design or a bug, but the venator's beam weapon fire on CIS fighers with crazy accurate and its deadly.

    For the Co-op play. I hope they fix the bugs currently in and add the co-op for PC players too.
  • Sooo, they seem to have fixed the Spawn issue where the timer would show the infinity loop. And you can spawn with friendly AI again.
    Let's hope they continue fixing SA Arcade!
  • SAM4XE
    379 posts Member
    They haven't made any improvements/balances to Starfighter Arcade gameplay which worryingly suggests they don't really care much about offline as people may think.
  • Another update without any Changes to SA Arcade :disappointed: Really sad when you notice that they actually do NOT care about Singleplayer-Content anymore. And yes, I am just writing this post to keep this thread alive until someone above sees and unterstands it, because I still have a little bit of hope left in me. Maybe they will actually listen and fix some issues when they don't have to change and improve the Multiplayer every few weeks anymore. Who knows.
  • Oh, and another thing I noticed in the Mode: Some of the Control-Settings for Player 2 don't just not affect Player two. Some of them actually change the controls for both, e.g. the "invert flight"-setting. And, even crazier, Some seem to only affect Player 1, even though Player two changed them in his settings, e.g. the "disable roll"-setting.

    So some Settings for Player 2 don't do anything (Advanced flight, Lock-on-mode, ...), some change both controls (invert flight, ...) and some only change the settings for Player 1 (Disable roll, ...).
    And for those that don't change Player 2's controls, in game they just stay the default (lock on=toggle, roll enabled, but advanced flight disabled [turns the player back around automatically])

    Ofcourse, the Player 1 settings seem to work perfectly and actually get applied to the game (unless ofcourse you change those Player 2-settings that affect Player 1, because then those settings are changed in the option-menu as well.)

    I hope I didn't make this too complicated.

    Oh, and there still is the other main-issue where Player 2 has no enemy-indicators and most of the time no "you-have-to-aim-here"-circles on Targets.
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