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Sith Remnant - XB1 - Once more the Sith will rule...

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Sith Empire Remnants
Xbox Club Link:

Important Gamertags:
Darth Baum

Are you tired of playing by yourself? Would you want to lead a group of people?
Want to have a bunch of friends online, playing games you have, around the clock?

Welcome to the Sith Remnant's Star Wars Battlefront Embassy

Greetings everyone! I am Darth Baum and I am representing the Sith Remnant here at the Star Wars Battlefront Forums. We plan for the Sith Remnant to surpass our ancestors and become something truly great, something eternal. This clan will be a community that spans many titles and while we are going to emphasize the growth and development of a Competitive team we want a place for everyone to call their own. We are still in the process of finalizing many different aspects of the Sith and if you wish to have a say in the discussion then join up and we can definitely consider your input. We are planning on being ready to fight and win on Star Wars Battlefront 2 the moment it comes out. If you are looking for a clan for Battlefront 2 look no farther than the Sith Remnant.
"My 'vision' is of an Empire ready to fight across the battlefield of life. That is all I require."
―Darth Marr

Sith Remnants Goals
  • Grow into one the biggest and successful communities on Xbox
  • Have community wide gamenights on a weekly basis
  • Form successful competitive teams
  • Provide opportunities for everyone to rise to where they wish to be in the Sith
  • To conquer the galaxy and know true power!

Reasons to join (not biased opinions at all)
  • Excellent Officer and leadership (not biased at all)
  • An intriguing and fascinating ranking system
  • The chance to lead if that is what you aspire to do
  • A unique clan system that differs from about every other clan out there
  • A fun-filled environment
  • And Lastly, A clan that works for you!

Requirements for Joining
  • Must be at least 13 years of Age
  • Must have an Xbox One and Star Wars Battlefront 2
  • Must join the Xbox Club (Current central hub of communications)
  • Be respectful
  • Have a mic
  • And Most of ALL, Have common sense

How to Join!
  • Apply to join the Xbox Live Club
  • Shoot a message to one of our officers and leaders
  • Join the Discord Server to get in touch with everyone right away

Clan Structure and Organization

The Sith Remnant is a clan based off of the tenants of the Sith Order from the well beloved Star Wars franchise. While we strive to avoid the backstabbing and betrayals that are hallmarks of the Sith Order a lot of the lore is used to base our structure. We will state that it is not a replica of the Sith Empire as we make adjustments in structure to make it a more effective and enjoyable system.

"For now, Sidious, know that you are the blade we will drive through the heart of the Senate, the Republic, and the Jedi Order, and I, your guide to reshaping the galaxy. Together we are the newborn stars that complete the Sith constellation."
Darth Plagueis, to Darth Sidious

This is a community that is just now starting so if you aspire to be a part of another great movement then join today. We have many openings as of now and if you have the skills, the enthusiasm, and the tenacity to make your goals happen then you are in luck. This is not a clan where you will be stuck at the same rank forever unless you are truly content with that. I believe, we all believe in giving opportunities for advancement. Your path, your choices are yours alone so what will you choose? There are many ways to make your mark. Join today and walk the path of power. If you have any comments, questions or concerns you are more than welcome to message me!

Very Respectfully,

Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Baum, Emperor

****Updated Thread as of 7Oct19 Please ignore/delete other threads****
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  • This is a great community to join with very active members on at all times. I highly recommend you all check it out and add me! My gt is: Chris pwns123
  • We now have over 120 members on our Xbox Club with roughly 50 participating in our communication nexus on Discord. Furthermore we are almost done finetuning a website! We need officers we need leadership if you have the ambition and the ability to do the job there is a place for you in the Sith!
  • This will forever be my clan! If you haven't joined us you are missing out!
    GT: HurricaneTurbo
    Sith Lady in the Sith Remant

  • HurricaneTurbo has been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant
    Arc Nano is the Moff of Star Wars Battlefront 2.

    We are looking for individuals to form a competitive force on Star Wars Battlefront to participate in clan battles and the like. We are also hiring for positions as far up as the Dark Council so let us know if you are interested in taking up a spot in this illustrious positions!

  • The Sith Remnant continues to propagate and grow exponentially on Star Wars Battlefront 2. If you are interested in joining and being part of a growing community then sign up today and join our Discord Server and Xbox Club!

    -Openings for Clan Battle Team is Open
    -Openings for Elite Imperial 181st Fighter unit under Dark Lord Darth Baum still exist
    -Openings in the Sphere of Philosophy exist so if you are interested in the lore behind the Sith then this may be for you
    -We are looking for people adept at making videos and media!
  • Sith Remnant is continuing to blaze the way in Star Wars Battlefront 2. Join today and experience overwhelming victory in online matches. We are able to boast great odds of victory in about every match we play online when at least 3 of us are present. Our goals remain large and so do our spirits. Come aboard and help make them a reality!
  • nsummy7vgf0a.jpg
    Greetings Battlefront community! The Sith Remnant invites you to celebrate May the 4th with us. Join the Sith as we assault the galaxy and strive for greatness! We wish you all the best star wars day imaginable.
    GT: HurricaneTurbo
    Sith Lady in the Sith Remant

  • Sith Remnant has recently undergone some changes to structure but we are happy to announce that we are continuing our ascension ever forward! If you want to have a group to play with about anytime you can think of for Star Wars Battlefront 2 then look no further than the Sith Remnant!
  • Greetings! The Sith Remnant continues our expansion towards galactic conquest. We continue to master the new maps and game modes. We greatly await the return of Darth Sidious to lead us to unmatched victory! Join our ranks and experience greatness on the battlefront!
    GT: HurricaneTurbo
    Sith Lady in the Sith Remant

  • Greetings we will be holding weekly gamenights on Star Wars Battlefront 2 every Sunday around 7 or 8pm Eastern Time (US)

    I hope to see a lot of new faces over the coming weeks and we are looking forward to our continued success on Star Wars Battlefront 2
  • Hey I've always played BF2 by myself, but with the new content coming and squads I'm interested in joining your club. My GT is Durikas75 thx.
  • Durikas75 wrote: »
    Hey I've always played BF2 by myself, but with the new content coming and squads I'm interested in joining your club. My GT is Durikas75 thx.

    Welcome to the Sith Remnant! We are looking forward to your participation in clan events.

  • With the latest updates for Star Wars Battlefront 2 the Operations Tempo for the Sith Remnant here are ramping up again. We have positions open for the ambitious and weekly gamenights and events for players to participate in.
  • I know it's been a while, but are you guys still recruiting?
  • JCMAC843 wrote: »
    I know it's been a while, but are you guys still recruiting?

    We are still recruiting!

    I am currently at Initial Flight Training but in 10 days I will be returning back home and I will be able to personally lead some upcoming events such as our weekend gamenight and other fun activities. We are looking for a lot of leadership for Star Wars Battlefront 2. One of the major hallmarks of the Sith Remnant is that every position is possible to reach if you have the activity and drive to do so. So if you want to be a Dark Lord of the Sith and lead the Imperial Military I applaud your ambition and if you work hard it is a very obtainable goal.
  • With Clone Commandos on the way I am expecting to see some more coordinated squad action when fighting the Seperatist threat. We are aiming for a gamenight this weekend under the supervision of MrRogersJedi :)
  • Our operations on Star Wars Battlefront 2 are started to grow once again. As we grow we will need commanders, recruitment officers, and a few other staff to help manage and grow into one of the premiere groups on Star Wars Battlefront 2 among other titles. To join and to apply for positions and to participate in gamenights join our Discord Server at
  • Post has been updated to reflect more accurate and current information
  • Hey all...this is Ratlaw369 and I am looking for a active clan right now...Shoot me a invite A.S.A.P.
  • Sith Remnant continues to do gamenights and events on Star Wars Battlefront 2! Please join us and participate in the action!

  • For all members if you want to participate with other members of the community the best place to start is to go to our Discord Server at We are expecting to host around 4 events per week if all goes well!

    We are needing recruitment officers and technology officers to help expand our operations ever forward. With seats even open on the illustrious Dark Council today is the best time to join!
  • Darth_Baum
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    Reminder the Discord server is the best place to get into communication with leadership from the Sith Remnant. It serves as our holonet, communication center, primary area of organization and so much more. It is where we plan events via text channels and execute plans of action. The Forums is merely the place where we reach out to more SWBF2 players... so if you are interested in being a part of the Sith Remnant be sure to join the discord server at
  • Sith Remnant is still a highly active clan on SWBF2 so if your tired of playing alone consider joini
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