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Community Transmission - The Clone Wars Begin

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Incoming Transmission

Hello there!

Since joining the team back in March I’ve had conversations with many of you about favourite characters, movies, eras and more. We’ve shared experiences that range from the first time we saw a Star Wars movie, playing with action figures and our enjoyment at playing previous games. It’s this passion and enthusiasm for both Star Wars and in turn the Battlefront series that has been clear to me since day one.

Throughout the community, one of the common threads of discussion we’ve seen is that we don’t listen. I can say with total honesty that we have heard you, but we have failed to deliver upon your expectations. We know it’s not good enough, we need to do more, and we will do more.

We are committed to improvement, especially within communication. With the release of the very first Community Transmission it was said that it was the start of improved communications within our community, but we want to take this further, and we will, that is our promise to you. This all starts at the end of the June when we’ll be posting a roadmap of the content that is coming over the next few months.

Passion and enthusiasm are a good way of describing the Star Wars Battlefront II community. But no topic of discussion has received as much passion and enthusiasm behind it as Clone Wars.

Today, as debuted at EA Play, we can officially confirm that more Clone Wars content will be arriving into Star Wars Battlefront II.

We know that for many of you reading this, you will be as excited as we are to play as Obi-Wan Kenobi and General Grievous. These two iconic foes are going to need a planet suitable for them, so where better than back where the Clone Wars all began, Geonosis.

The Clone Wars is a Star Wars era that is packed full of iconic characters, so it would be a shame to leave it to the Negotiator and the General. Joining them on the Battlefront will be Sith Lord Count Dooku as well as, Anakin Skywalker.

We are also working on a large scale, non-linear game mode, which we know many of you have been requesting. Many of you have also been requesting ways to play with friends easier and our new squad system will do just that.
In July we plan to add Hero Starfighters to the game, a great take on Hero vs Hero gameplay, but in starfighters. We know that many of you have been waiting for this one.

Right now we’re still focused on the Han Solo Season but we’ll be back to talk more about the Clone Wars, and the future of Star Wars Battlefront II at the end of June.

I wanted to take this moment to say that we’ve been incredibly humbled by your support, the constant stream of feedback and ideas. We are here because of you, so thank you for joining us on the Battlefront.

In the Clone Wars television series, the second season starts off with the quote “A lesson learned, is a lesson earned”, which is perhaps a rather nice way of putting it.

We’re still at EA Play this weekend so if you are in attendance please do check out Extraction on Kessel, stop by and say “hello there”.

We’re looking forward to the future of Star Wars Battlefront II and working hand in hand with the community. We’ll be talking to you all again soon.

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