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Wish list for the Devs....

If you could add / change five things, what would they be?

Mine would be;

1. Cargo / Droid Run - Bring two SWBF1 modes back
2. Stats Screen - I need really need it!
3. New maps for Strike
4. New Guns
5. Pancake Face, Jango, Mace Windu

(I would have put respawn time but we are getting a new squad system soon.)


  • F03hammer
    5012 posts SWBF Senior Moderator
    New starcards :. Higher trooper levels =more bonus credits and further reasons to keep grinding...
    Voluntary Star Wars Battlefront Moderator

    GT XBOX:

  • We also need orbit strike fix for walker. Online split screen. GA in arcade and I don’t agree with number 2 completey. We need a stats screen that shows how many kills per class not KD.
  • Any stats, on the SWBF1 Companion App, there were stats by mode, hero, weapon, deaths, kills, suicides, headshots....It was great, really miss it!
  • Versatti
    2087 posts Member
    1. The Iden Versio story imperial/rebel ‘starship interiors’ as maps.
    2. More guns.
    3. A base attack/defense Game Mode.
    4. Gungan vs Droid army battle of Naboo.
    5. Tarkin
  • mastery0ta
    6140 posts Member
    AT TE, Hailfire tanks, Scariff maps, mace windu/ jango, clone customization
  • Mace windu and jango but I do not think they will put two aerial villians I mean too much of an advantage. Just a skin with the pistols on top of bobas character. with those two I’m completely fine with the game. As for maps would love that nightclub on Corusant for Jango and the Jedi temple for Mace.
  • Not joking, but I just want bug fixes.
    Black loading screen, weekly challenge, sound glitches, etc...
  • Bansky
    94 posts Member
    6. and option on/off for hologram. (as I and many preferred that look)
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