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Friendly fire

I definitely want friendly fire as an option in arcade, and could potentially be in multiplayer by introducing negative battlepoints. You gain -50 battlepoints for each hp you take from a friendly that is not negated by an enemy hp. So, if I deal 60 friendly and 60 to an enemy, I gain no bp, nor do I lose any. If I deal 50 friendly and 60 enemy, I gain 10. Same would work for friendly and hostile kills, but with -500 being the penalty for friendly kills.
Please, stay respectful. I know this is kind of a controversial topic. However, this would reduce grenade spamming and shooting into a group of people without a care, making the Battlefront more realistic.
Threads Want
I want...
El-16HFE rof buff
Engineer class
Dual pistols
Commando class, ARC, commando droid, Inferno Squad, Insurgent, Shock Trooper(FO), assassin(Resistance).
Heavy/Light vehicle classes
Dwarf spider droid
Homing Spider Droid
Snail Tank
Saber tank
RO Jedha tank
Actual bombs coming out of the bomber.
RO season


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