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Finn: A Story Of Woe

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This story begins just a few moons ago, in a deep and mysterious place called Star Wars Battlefront 2. A young man, playing alone without his friends was getting very involved in an unfamiliar mode called Heroes Vs. Villians. Guys, this mode is super fun but I've got some bad news for you, one of the characters is BROKEN. As I'm sure you've guessed by the title of this forum post, that character's name is Finn. This guy is absolute nonsense to try to fight against. So first of all, get this, he has an actual aimbot, like not just the person I was playing against, but an ability that GIVES YOU AIMBOT, and not to mention if he's getting headshots then he can kill you within 10 SECONDS. I swear this character is so broken I have to quit the game every time I see his face in the lineup. My personal experience involves one match where I was playing Boba and a Finn hit me out of the air with that ridiculous aimbot ability called Deceasednose or something like that, keep in mind I was flying the whole time. I think they really need to tweak this character before they kill their community entirely.
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  • DarthQuiGon
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    Finn is actually helpless on his own. Boba is the only character he can beat one on one

    Dead eye is very low damage, for it to have beat you at all someone had to have gotten an assist
  • Finn is actually helpless on his own. Boba is the only character he can beat one on one

    Remember the most powerful walk the line between rage and serenity.
  • GenxDarchi
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    Nice post lol.
    You guys are gonna make me rich......
    Xbox G-tag
    That Specialist rework was disappointing.

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