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Why do people put xX at the beginning and end of their names?

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Is this some sort of self-motivating attempt at intimidation?
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  • Spiito
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    edited July 2018
  • It makes me laugh
    "DEW IT."
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  • MC_XIX
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    Lol, I remember when I posted the exact same question topic on the PS4 gameFAQs board, and everyone went crazy at me for having the opinion that it looks childish. But it does! They must think it looks cool. I suppose it's just a border around an ID that's already in use.
  • IronSoldier
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    edited July 2018
    Moved to off topic...

    In my former life modding on previous EA titles IronSoldier was taken. IronSoldier123 was also taken so I ended up being called ironsiolder123. Not a day went by where someone didn't make fun of it. I guess otherwise people think the XxXXx look cool when the name is otherwise taken.
  • rollind24
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  • Empire_TW
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    They wanna be just like da cool kidz
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  • A composite of tryhard wannabe user names


  • Vespervin
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    I was going to change my username to xXVeSp420ErViNXx but after reading this thread, I have changed my mind.
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  • Some kind of fashion trend created by some random popular youtube gaming channel or a noob?
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  • Evazan127
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    Yea I never got it
  • Evazan127
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    We don’t have much of these on the forums.
  • ...Really? Some names are already taken, so people do some XxX instead of the random numbers at the end of their name, but w/e- really desperate for an whinge here?

  • EA_Cian
    1225 posts EA Staff (retired)
    Hopping in here and closing this. Yes, there are different naming conventions out there but some of the comments here are super dismissive of folk using those using conventions. Let's keep it respectful.
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