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November Community Calendar

Palpatine is so broken and OP now... PLEASE revert Palpatine to the build from the first Solo patch

1179 posts Member
He was perfect then. He had a small nerf to his regen (300 to 250), his chain lightening (capping at 25 per kill), and decreasing his aim reticle from 14 to 10%

Since DICE tried to fix the ATAT issue he's been totally broken. His lightning auto aims and now with faster stamina recovery he's just a monster.

Please just revert him and let the ATAT bug stand, it really wasn't a big deal - it's been a poop show since...


  • Ciena_Ree
    908 posts Member
    I have a feeling that the easier to address issue, which is stamina, has been dealt with because it was the quicker fix and stamina changes were the function of this patch. I’d suspect there’ll be another hotfix in two or so weeks, and we’ll get those changes then.

    We’ll just have to persist with a broken Papa Palps, which breaks my heart, because he’s my favourite Star Wars character, and my fav hero in this game.
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