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Matchmaking sucked tonight

And so did you dice. HArd.

Worst it's been in a long long time.

I hate you dice.


  • lok
    990 posts Member
    Just tonight?wow-i want to know where you play.
  • Xbox one. West coast.
  • lok
    990 posts Member
    mine is bad every night... :o
  • Anapoda
    745 posts Member
    Yeah, it's one of the weakest aspect of the game.
  • I had good matchmaking today
    Close hard fought battles
  • Hit and miss for me since that matchmake button.

    The biggest casualty is H v V for me? Almost always one sided games going 10 0. Its really very monotonous now.
  • LeftTurnus
    1099 posts Member
    Only one night? Mine is bad almost every night. Having good MM with close fought battles is the exception, not the rule sadly ...
  • If they can't figure something out soon, there is no hope for the future of this game, much less BF3. They can't even get their network to function correctly.

    "So long as you continue to be so predictable I need not face you at all. You are your own worst enemy".- Tassadar

    Did someone beat you in the game fairly and you're upset? Was it not bugged or due to lag or a hack and it made you cry? Then please fill out this form and follow it's instructions for sending to the appropriate people.
  • I’m betting they ninja’d in their matchmaking “improvements“, and decided not to share that with us because of how almost everyone attacked them for how horribad it was when they live beta-tested it on us.

    I just finished an Extraction. Came in top of my side but we failed overall.

    Matchmaking ensues...

    The bottom of the screen reads “Searching for match...” and, about a second and a half later, switches to read “Cancelling”. Then, a second after that it says it is taking me to wherever for the next match.

    Instead of being in the full 8v8 I had just completed, I found myself utterly alone. Waited one minute for a single person to be added. They left after ten seconds so I aborted and came to make this response.

    * shakes head *
  • Anapoda
    745 posts Member
    Got something similar in GA, finished a round and then the matchmaking of doom started his godless work.

    It searched for so long that in the end i just decided to get back to main menu and started a fresh search from there. (who didn't take long thanks the stars)

    In a galaxy far far away indeed.
  • HansTheBest
    1120 posts Member
    This thread has way too much teenage angst. Matchmaking might suck, but there's no reason to make it personal.
  • scrick
    76 posts Member
    Had several of the most one-sided GA matches last night that I have ever seen. It was a steamroll on Jakku for the 1st order. Then less than 15 total deaths for the entire winning team (Rebels) on Death Star across all three phases combined. When sides switched, the objectives weren't activated even once. Across the three games, one on Jakku and two on Death Star, no one on the losing team even got a hero.
    This should never happen three games in a row.
  • Jealyh
    114 posts Member
    At least you can find matches, I've been unable to find a single match for almost 24 hours now. Tried every game mode on every ping site and absolutely nothing, not one other player anywhere...
  • AxeWin
    50 posts Member
    edited July 2018
    ITS BACK THE SEARCHING FOR NEW Lobby at end of every match!!!

    Then puts you in empty Lobby with 2 or 3 players from the previous lobby!

    and everyone just quits!

    TURN IT OFF. for the THIRD TIME what the heck!

    Shuffle Teams at end of the match!

  • This dev team and their matching haircuts...……………..
  • Anapoda
    745 posts Member
    AxeWin wrote: »

    Shuffle Teams at end of the match!

    I don't know, maybe we will FINALLY have it in Battlefront 9, in 2030.


    But joke aside, yeah, it's really starting to impact my enjoyment of the game. I already am playing less GA games because of that. Cause most of the GA games are so unbalanced that they are just plain uninteresting.
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