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Matchmaking button was removed last week but its back NOW!!!! Invisible.

50 posts Member
edited July 2018
The button is gone but they turned the broken matchmaking thing back on, the button is just not there now.

At the end of every match i now get that "SEARCHING FOR STRIKE".

And i go from the full Lobby I was in to an empty one with 3 people from the same match!! and we wait 5 mins for nothing they leave.

Why did you turn this abomination back on DICE? @F8RGE

SHUFFLE TEAMS AT END OF MATCH! that's all we ask.

This is again making the game unplayable for me.


  • Problem Im experiencing is when I join a match with my friends, I get kicked out the next match. It defeats the join option. Sometimes I do not wish to join a party or invite others into a group. I like simply joining the game, & this matchmaking makes that next to impossible.
  • Empire_TW
    6814 posts Member
    They better turn this back off, what if I WANT to stay in the server? This concept was a failure before and bringing it back only hurts the game.
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  • Renamed1320090919
    311 posts Member
    edited July 2018
    Ugh.... I've hit a string of 7 consecutive turns as dark side heroes because it keeps putting me on another server after every match. I really dislike this matchmaking stuff. Not to mention it appears to do nothing to stop the "steamrolling" that it was intended to solve, at least in my experience.

    Edit: ...Make that 8 consecutive matches.
    Edit: ...Make that 9 consecutive matches.

    Forget this. I'm going outside for a while to play in the 90 degree heat and oppressive humidity.
  • fancyladypants
    257 posts Member
    edited July 2018
    Yes I keep getting into rounds only to be put into a completely empty server to start the next round. Another bug that sucked so bad we had to bring it back.? This was done on purpose?

    When the dev team took the short bus to get their identical haircuts this seemed like a great idea. Again.

    If it adds time to waiting between rounds, it's a failure. If it adds time to find matches, it's a failure. Your wait times are too long as it is with nearly every aspect of this game. If it caused the server to empty it's a failure. Empty servers are screaming FAILURE!!! An inability to find matches in any game mode-guess what it is-a failure.

    There are no longer words to describe the incompetence here. They've all been used so exhaustively. Another spectacular rancid flatulence failure.
  • There is another thread where we’ve been discussing this slight-of-hand issue of invisibly re-activating the broken matchmaking system.
  • Rook008
    876 posts Member
    Please Dice, save your Match making experiment for a non-Double XP weekend.
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  • Defbored
    1548 posts Member
    I do not enjoy this matchmaking thing they're trying.
  • massika
    231 posts Member
    i get kicked out from the server many times again, i played some matches in heroshowdown and seems that is returned
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