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Empty Lobbies, broken matchmaking, impossible to play. BRAVO DICE

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Title says it all. In Canada and cant join a game at all keeps dumping me in totally empty lobbies.


  • Midwest US can't get more than one match until I get kicked to an empty server. Another Rancid Flatulance Update from the very "aware" of bugs team at DICE. Brilliant matchmaking idea. Thanks for testing it on us against our will again. No test servers, No QA, this game has little to no support left.
  • Jbstiner
    2708 posts Member
    And matches are still heavily one-sided, so it’s not like they even fixed anything.
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  • Itsbeverywhere if everyone stop exiting thinner can have a full lobby.
  • massika
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    They did again something with the matchmaking,i get kicked out and then i couldnt find any server on PC, also switching zone
  • its crazy i still play this game lol
  • Ren008 wrote: »
    Empty Lobbies, broken matchmaking, impossible to play. BRAVO DICE
    BRAVO idd.

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  • Yep, I can't get a single match going either. In Canada as well, on PS4, and I've tried a bunch of different US servers. I noticed this happen last night as well. It's incredibly annoying. =\
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