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HvV modes Collecting Issues


Hero mode bugs and issues are getting out of control here is a laundry list of issues that still exist with the heros & villains modes that needs to be fixed immediately. More and more issues keep arising and making the game mode fail.

Issues listed from game breaking to okay to deal with:
  1. In Hero showdown during selection you get "BENCHED" sometimes and don't spawn in because you selected the same character you already played with ( having died with that character last round) and the game thinks you can't select that hero again but it shows that you can. People select this hero again and they are not spawned into the game however, you get spawned into the game when everyone else is selecting characters for the next round and then you are "BENCHED" again for the actual round. People generally tend to quit because of this and then their teammate quits and the game is over. You can't get out of this problem until the game is over and you start a new game.
  2. Almost all force powers are buggy still, I think that you know about this DICE but there is a laundry list just for force powers. If you aren't on flat ground or there is a lip/small object in front of you then the ability doesn't work most of the time.
  3. These force problems happen for luke force push, luke repulse, yoda's push, vader force choke, maul choke, kylo pull, kylo freeze, rey mind trick( however her mind trick hits most of the time)
  4. Vader force choke is still causing screen glitching on the player affected.
  5. When you are at different heights, force powers also have problems too.
  6. Light saber throws aren't hitting on the return hit and this has to do with the laundry list of problems associated with the light saber blocking too.
  7. Light saber characters that have blocks have been able to block all moves even after the fact that they have been hit and if they let go of the block then the special ability hits them, but does no damage. Vader choked me in the video , but because I blocked immediately when they did the attack it was essentially cancelled, unless you let go of the block before the ability is up. This problem happens with so many abilities and all characters with light saber blocking.
  8. Sometimes if you are super close to the enemy and you still have stamina the player gets off balance and you hit them it doesn't hit them. Seems to happen more often when you are low on stamina, but you still have like 1/4 stamina left.
  9. You get hit by a character that is already killed if you stand too close to them because the system is like running through all the buttons they pressed still even after they have died.
    WATCH AT 3:03 to 3:07

  10. Boba fett can reach particular spots in the map that are unreachable by all characters
  11. Chewy's ground slam doesn't always activate properly, or sometime you go into a double ground slam if you jump first then activate the ground slam
  12. New one I found today is Han's detonite charge. If his charge is out too long then instead of blowing up the previous detonite charge he throws another one and the old one is still shown laying on the ground.
  13. Another new one I got today, Lando's multishot ability isn't locking onto people from time to time even though they are right in front of you.
  14. Yoda's standard attack doesn't seem to lock onto enemy characters too well and misses a lot now.
  15. Same with Phasma's staff....I know that a lunge lock-on mechanic was added, but it doesn't always seem to lock on and work.
  16. Chewy's furious caster splash damage still getting through Iden's shield and enemy officer shields too. Happens to explosive shot on ordinary blaster characters too. This to me seems like a bug still that needs to be fixed.
  17. Emperor stamina drain on enemy players doesn't seem correct. His standard lightning attack does little damage to the characters when they aren't blocking, but melts through their stamina when they are blocking. Seems like stamina drain needs to be decreased slightly or his damage should be increased slightly. The two don't seem to equate very well.

Moral of the story is that pretty much every single character is breaking and sometimes the mode itself is breaking too.

I have more video and will try and up load to show the issues that I am talking about.


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