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December CC

Mission Impossible 6: Fallout

Has anyone here seen the new movie? It's so good and I highly recommend it. It might be my favorite of the most recent ones. It has a tense atmosphere from beginning to end where you can't help but be literally at the edge of your seat. The action set pieces, combat and stunts are really well done. It has the usual amount of twists so you have to pay attention to follow.

:D I saw it today and had to put Henry Caville in my signature. That part is among my favorites. It's an awesome hand to hand combat and really surprises at it's start.


  • Midichlorian
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    I own all the Mission Impossible movies, plan to see this soon.
    I also got a free movie ticket to see Meg a week early, I honestly don't think I would have ever paid to see it in the cinema but I can't say no to a free movie.
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  • Awesome, you'll enjoy it. I'm still waiting for them to release a nice special edition Blue Ray of all the movies as I like having my movies in sets.
    The Meg looks cool, but I agree that it doesn't seem like a movie to go to the cinema. At least it has a solid cast and, from the trailers, good special effects.
  • Went to go see it on Thursday, great film
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