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Change forum name

I've changed my Origin ID about a week ago but my new ID won't show up on the forums.
Anyone know how to remedy this situation?


  • F03hammer
    5012 posts SWBF Senior Moderator
    If it's a new Origin id you can use it to register a new forum account, your old one might need to be closed. @EA_Cian
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  • Roger, Roger. Can I close the account on my end or do I need the assistance of a mod?
  • T0TALfps
    1254 posts EA Community Manager
    Hey @Sanitak,

    You should be able to change your Origin name here, once you have done so - please venture into a match and play a full round. Having done that, jump back onto the forums and log out, clear your cache and log back in - this should refresh your name here on the community forums.

    If this does not happen, please get in touch with me via a PM with the desired name and we will look into changing it manually for you.
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