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Stun Adjustments against Heroes

For players enjoying their time as heroes, the most annoying thing to be attacked by is a stun ability, which can cause massive damage to them and there isn't much you can do. As a result, it just becomes a game of who can stun first. Not all heroes have stun abilities, but in HvV, there are 5 villains with stun abilities with only 2 heroes having them. This just makes the mode all the more unbalanced in the Dark Side's favor.

Here are some examples of stun abilities being OP:

1. Iden Versio: Her shock ability has a really low cool down with the epic card so she can just be rolling around so much, wait for her stun to work and just blast away at a hero's head.

2. Chewbacca: Shock grenade + Furious Bowcaster combo means instant death unless your hero has a high enough HP to escape.

3. Lando Calrissian: His disabler with the correct star card stuns a villain for a bit giving him easy headshots resulting in massive damage even to a villain like Vader. Of course I can understand a bit a result of this with Lando because his X-8 Night Sniper doesn't do too much damage on its own despite the fast rate of fire. Plus it's a good counter to lightsaber heroes.

4. Palpatine: Electrocute + lightning attack allows easy damage with his auto aim.

5. Captain Phasma: Her droid ability really makes Phasma, in the right hands, so infuriating to deal with as the droid stuns a hero so easily in such a short period making the stun less skill based.

6. Kylo Ren: This villain is the biggest offender! Kylo Ren's freeze lasts for way too long and if a hero is frozen, he or she is helpless against a blaster hero who can just kill a frozen hero no problem. It's already confirmed that is because of a bug, it's just so annoying to deal with making Kylo Ren so OP in Hero Showdown.

I feel the best solution to all this is to allow the hero to continue moving after being hit by a lightsaber or shot from anything while stunned. This would definitely make most of the heroes more balanced as a stunned hero is already in a tight spot so why not allow them to freely move after taking a hit. The only villain I can understand not being affected by a change like this is Darth Vader as his force choke makes sense for what it does even though it's annoying to deal with.

The main idea to all this is have the current stun effect work only against Infantry and Special Units, but not against heroes because in the long term the stun abilities are becoming too much of a problem for hero balance and this will be more the case if the future heroes simply end up getting more stun abilities.


  • I apologize in advance for the long post. These are my thoughts on the current state of characters with stun abilities. And their relative effect on HvV. I'm not taking into account GA, since hero fights in that mode are usually short and messy.

    Frankly, the only real problem is Chewie right now. His stun simply lasts too long. When I play as Chewie, unless I'm up against very skilled players, it's typically an instant win. I have more than enough time after throwing my grenade and stunning them to run up, activate Furious Bowcaster, and gun them down before they can even move again. Possibly even do a ton of damage to another hero if they're caught as well. And that's WITHOUT his Star Card which extends the duration. To better balance him, I would make it so that the stun lasts about 2 seconds less so that a Chewbacca player at least has to activate Furious Bowcaster FIRST in order to pull off the combo. To top it all off it goes straight through blocks so Vader and Kylo are absolutely doomed unless the Chewbacca player is terrible, or gets stun-locked first. I just think in his current state he's not healthy for balance in HvV. Him and Vader (Vader due to his huge health, damage mitigation, and good damage).

    Lando is fine, as his stun is actually somewhat difficult to achieve if the Villains are moving around a ton. His weaker damage on his blaster means that the user has to actually land HEADSHOTS in order to do good damage, which I have no problem with. If you can't hit headshots when the enemy is stunned, you're just plain bad. Overall he's good, but hard to use since he's a glass cannon like Han. But fun.

    Palpatine is stationary for the duration of his stun skill's activation, plus it can't go through lightsaber blocks. Most Palpy players (when they finally reintroduce him to the game) stay ON THE MOVE, and only use the stun if they're flanking targets of opportunity. Staying still that long (even though it's only about 2 seconds) will get you annihilated by a blaster hero if you're not cautious. Here's hoping he's not as OP and broken when he comes back. He needs to be in the state he was right before Solo Season 1. Then he'll be balanced, assuming they also fix lightsaber + stamina.

    Iden is super squishy and while her droid stun is now actually somewhat usable, it's still inconsistent and generally unreliable. The only reason she's viable at all currently is due to the lightsaber blocking nerf, which is an indirect buff to her, Leia, and blaster heroes in general. And also Darth Maul. She's good assuming you don't have Luke or Rey all over you. Which is assuming quite a bit.

    Phasma is very situational. She's either untouchable or instantly dead, basically no middle ground. Her droid's stun needs to trigger less often. Or maybe not be able to stun more than one player at a time. As she currently stands, if she's turtling in a small room, Luke, Yoda, and Rey stand zero chance unless the Phasma player is really bad. And good luck if she has a teammate with her and you don't outnumber them. Her droid's cooldown should be shorter to make up for such nerfs, so she could "stick-and-move", without being a completely static turtle in order to do well. If she's NOT turtled up with her team surrounding her, she's an easy kill for Luke or Rey since her dodge roll is bad and her blaster's initial accuracy is god-awful unless you're scoped in, which is not particularly viable in close-quarters. She's very... top-heavy? I suppose that's the best way to put it. She's a "win-more" character. Great if your team is already dominant in the match but does nothing if your team is behind and needs to kill the target. Also sub-par if she's not the target herself, or if the target isn't cowering next to your droid as well.

    Kylo Ren is most powerful when he's on a team of blaster heroes. And there's hardly ever a game without both Vader and Maul, for obvious reasons. Otherwise, his Freeze is more to keep players from running or tied up while you engage other enemies. Because any hit from another ability or a lightsaber instantly breaks them out of the stun state. His Frenzy, now that it actually works, makes him one of the stronger lightsaber heroes in the broken-stamina meta since it doesn't drain stamina, doesn't get affected by blocking knockback, and can help track down dodge-spamming enemies if you're aimed in the same direction as their dodge when you activate the skill. He's actually my favorite lightsaber user right now, as I pretty much forgo blocking entirely except against Rey's Mind Trick, Luke's Push, or Yoda's Unleash, and simply wait for targets of opportunity to use his Freeze or Pull abilities, mostly as support during teamfights or to prevent cowards from running the entire match.
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