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BEST CLASS BUILDS! // heavy // Complete Guide

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Here is some of the best heavy builds I’ve played with!

Name - Anti Vehicle
Role - destroy all machines you find
Star Cards:
- Ion Torpedo
- Ion Turrett
- Resourceful
This build is for all you machine hating people with this build any machine from turrets to starfighters will feel your wrath this build gives loads of battle points especially when the objective is something like the MTT on NABOO this build you hang back set up your turret and when you see a machine pull out your ion torpedo and unload 3 missles into whatever’s you can find the total damage from 3 torpedos is 650 (this can change sometimes depending on starcards/objective)

Name - Explosives expert
Role - blowing things up
Star Cards
- Barrage
- Improved impact grenade
- Explosive Sentry
this build is basically what it says you blow everyone up with your supply of explosives and if your hardcore use the 2nd heavy gun with the explosive shot

Name - Defender
Role - because a hermit and become an annoyance to kill
Star Cards:
- survivalist
- Improved combat shield
- Bodyguard
this build is basically the ultimate defender with this you will become a massive tank and be really hard to kill.

Name - TL - Sniper
Role - killing effectively at range
Weapon - TL-50 Improved cooling, secondary fire
Star Cards:
- Expert Weapons Handling
- Barrage
- Bounty Hunter
Now this build requires the secondary fire on the TL - 50 to be effective and this requires 550 kills 400 with heavy in general then another 150 to get the secondary fire now I know what your thinking “OMG SECONDARY FIRE IS TRASH” in most situations yes it is but with this strategy it is effective all you have to do is hang back and abuse your secondary fire in choke points and use your barrage to clean up the remaining scrubs.

Name - Point hungry
Role - getting loads of battle points
Star Cards:
- Barrage
- Defender
- Bounty hunter
This build is to get loads of battle points to get hero’s/enforcers/starfighers and more with this build you should always be at the front lines blasting things with this build your point gain can sometimes rival officers.

Name - Speedy Heavy
Role - A Fast paced heavy build
Star Cards:
- Barrage
- Mobile sentry
- survivalist
this build is made so you can run around at fast paced gun fights you can drive by people with Barrage, pop mobile sentry and gun down people and survivalist to keep you going.

Name - balanced
Role - a good balance of offence and defence
Star Cards:
- ion Turret
- Improved combat shield
- Expert weapons handleing
this build is a good balance for people looking for a good all round build or heavy I was very effective in all situations with this build.

Name - Chuck Norris
Star Cards:
- Brawler
- Barrage
- Improved impact grenade
this build is the chuck Norris of heavy builds I got a 38 killstreak with this build on naboo and it was very effective in all my other tests.

Hope you like my builds I spent hours testing and perfecting all of them

Officer and specialist coming soon


  • Nice! Thanks for the tips
  • Jello770
    5592 posts Member
    When you said TL50 with Secondary fire.

    Psn: Jello770
  • For people looking for a more well-rounded setup that's probably good in every game mode and most situations, this is what I use:

    Explosive Sentry
    Ion Turret
    Improved Impact Grenade

    The shield is for scrubs who can't dodge roll. When another heavy pops their shield and isn't buffed by an officer/Yoda, it's an instant win for me since they can't avoid my grenade (unless my aim is bad). And I rarely miss with the improved range. GG.

    Ion turret is amazing in general, and much, MUCH better than officer turret, IMO.

    Explosive Sentry because all the other ones seriously suck.
  • Thanks!
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