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(SWBF3 Suggestion) Moving Armies Into Battle Animation Cinematic Intros

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edited August 2018
lots of games do this, not just battlefront, where everyone is just standing still waiting for timer to start to move which feels less like a realistic scenario. What would be cool is seeing each sides army moving in walking, or even running, towards the action. So on Naboo or Kashyyyk the CIS droid players aren't just pointlessly standing out in the open while the cinematic intro is playing, which I always found dumb in videogames in general, they are instead marking onto the palace and the game starts and players can move when the timer hits 0. So it feels more natural of 2 armies moving on to each other. Only time it would make sense is if the defending team is positioned in well place defense spots right off the bat or they are in a vehicle like clones on an AT-OT as the AT-OT is moving and the clones are just standing and waiting to exit and assault on Geonosis. The battles would feel much more fluid.

This is though, if a SWBF3 will get made after the last 2 games didn't do so hot. But one can only hope.


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