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What star card do you use for luke

I use these starcards for cleansing the darkness rush immunity and Jedi reflexes and for HvV I use cleansing the darkness epicenter rush immunity


  • Jello770
    5592 posts Member
    Both his push cards is the way to go in HvV.
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  • willywonka7
    1336 posts Member
    edited August 2018
    Depends on the person that I am playing against in HvV that I am most concerned with.

    Generally in HvV and Hero showdown I play:
    Extended push reach, Jedi Fighter, Epicenter

    Sometimes I'll switch out after I die the first time:
    1. Extended push reach, strong repulse, Epicenter (Darth Vader & Kylo)
    2. Extended push reach, stronger push, Epicenter (Maps with ledges)

    Jedi Fighter, Cleansing the Darkside, extended push reach
  • HvV: Cleansing the Darkness, Epicenter, Jedi Reflexes

    GA: Cleansing the Darkness, Epicenter, Extended Push Reach

    Luke is a monster in GA against troopers, and his Cleansing the Darkness star card should always be used. Always. I can't imagine how anyone could not equip that card in any mode, as being able to regain health as a Hero is invaluable in any situation. Being able to recover 20 hp from troopers (which is amazing when you can Force Push an entire group of squishies and get 60-100 HP back), or in HvV getting anywhere from 40-100 HP back from kills on enemy Heroes.
  • Devlin21
    8308 posts Member
    Health card. Epicenter. Extended push reach.

    On kashyyyk, stronger push.

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