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So dissapointed!

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Can't play a new game mode because of the black screen of death.

Can't play something other than GA because other game modes are mostly dead.

Would play game offline but there is no offline modes but blast and starfighter with no heroes or special classes.

Every patch or "hot fix" leaves me riddled with bugs.

Some heroes are all to powerful in the force more than Vader. (remember 2015 when you saw Vader you ran? Not anymore you run from Ida may nobody bossk and Rey. We run from Rey?)

Players online afk-ing. Really if I of all people come up behind you and shoot you have a 30 second window to turn and blast me.

Officer bubble shield is used to troll teammates. Really? Let friendly's throw a grenade out!

There is lots and lots I can say but I will say this......


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