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Ewok back and fixed (broke)

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edited August 2018
Why did you fix(break) ewok hunt? What I mean is why do we have to wait for a loading bar to get on the shuttle? It's just so...not thought out. Is my troopers boot supposed to be stuck in the mud? Does an ewok have a hold of my leg(winkwink). Change it back fools! Also the ewok drop attack needs a larger killing circumference.


  • I've only been able to play a single game of 'Ewok Hunt' since the patch because no one is on, but I don't get why you're complaining about there being a wait time to get on the shuttle... Seriously there's some times where the stormtrooper was about to be swarmed by 6-8 Ewoks but was saved by hopping on the shuttle. If anything the stormtroopers should have to defend the shuttle for a small amount of time before they take off.

    Platform: Xbox 1

  • Fighting for the shuttle landing area when there are less than 5ish troops less is like spitting in the wind now and now we have a loading bar fighting against the count down until the shuttle takes off and leaves u to die still waiting for the loading bar. It's *****
  • Save more team mates then?

    To be honest I didn't even notice the loading bar haha, was too busy looking for Ewoks to shoot.

    Platform: Xbox 1

  • I gotta say the loading bar doesn’t seem that big a deal. I mean honestly you aren’t just gonna be instantly safe once you touch the shuttle. People are still boarding I mean it just makes sense. Just take some time and imagine yourself in that situation for a bit. I know it’s just a game but game still are fun when they can logically make sense in their own fantasy
  • It's dumb
  • IdiotAlien wrote: »
    It's dumb

    That’s not a good argument. The bar makes sense.
  • No it doesn't
  • Absolute B/S
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