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That is why EA is bad for StarWars games if Dice


  • What?
  • So what? Apparently he was a major factor with Frostbite, which is more of a detriment to the games that run on it. He could not handle the loot box fiasco. They could have still made a tone of money but instead chose to sulk.
    Who knows, maybe this will help turn things around for the company. His fingers were involved in so many of the bad parts of DICE games...
  • I wonder where he is going to go? Will he just go work for another top publisher , start his own company or get out of it all together?
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  • Liz4rD
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    Alex64 wrote: »
    I say no to Frostbite

    why?? :/
  • bfloo
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    Liz4rD wrote: »
    Alex64 wrote: »
    I say no to Frostbite

    why?? :/

    I have a lot of issues getting stuck on terrain a 2 year old wouldn't even pause for on frostbite that I don't have on any other engine.

    It happens in battlefront 2015, this game and battlefield1.
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