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Legion play + correct-faction hero reskins = Amazing

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So I've been watching some videos lately of mods that people have made for PC, with the current default skins for that map changed over to Legion skins. One Legion for the whole map. And it looks amazing, SO GOOD, you really feel like you're there in a Clone Wars battle. Part of that Legion as it struggles to overcome the enemy. I really really hope that DICE is able to finish up their Legion skins and implement them into the game in this way, it would be a huge plus.

Right now it kind of just feels like it would if they'd forgotten to put Snowtroopers on Hoth, and just had the regular Stormtroopers there. Not the end of the world, but getting it right would be a massive improvement.

But then I started watching some other mod videos, which showed not only clone Legions but also featured a conversion where non Clone Wars heroes were reskinned to look like the Clone Commander for that Legion. So in a mod that had the 212th for the whole map, Finn was converted into Commander Cody. In a mod that had the 501st for the whole map, it converted Han Solo into Captain Rex.

Just imagine -- how amazing would that be? The Clones of the 501st on Theed, led by a pistol-wielding Captain Rex! The 41st on Kashyyyk in all their green-camo glory, led by a rifle-carrying Commander Gree! That sort of thing is why I bought the game, that's how I assumed it would be at launch. It would be awesome. =)


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    Jack still fights the good fight.
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  • JackTHorn
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    Piscettios wrote: »
    Jack still fights the good fight.
    You know it!

    Been looking for a good video for the 41st on Kashyyyk, but so far the best one I've found isn't great, it's got island music as a soundtrack for Pete's sake...
  • Doesn't that all-legion play look amazing, though? How great would Kashyyyk be with every Clone decked out in the green camo armor of the 41st Elite??

    Though I actually kind of like the current Green Company skins as possible alternates. I wonder how they could do that... sell them as skins whose Kashyyyk equivalent looks the exact same? Hm.
  • Yes then!!! Couldn’t agree more
  • JackTHorn
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    edited August 2018

    Found the Kashyyyk mod with the 41st! How great does that look...?

    Man,thats exactly what I was expecting at release.

    I mean, the Heavy backpack looks a bit off, should be camo or at least colored. But other than that, it looks amazing!
  • Piscettios wrote: »
    Jack still fights the good fight.

    Hey it’s good to see you on the battlefront Jack
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