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PS4 Looking for a team to play with

PS4 Looking for a team to play with

I am in Thailand can speak english.

Have Mic


  • Sumpao, is your username here the same as your PSN?
    Middling streamer and lover of chile relleno, PSN ID: PopeHilarius

    Check out my Twitch at
  • PGA1957
    73 posts Member
    You can add me. I play with a good group of players, that are good players but we know how to have fun too. And by the of my friends is the guy above: wulfstanLee AKA..........Popehilarius. Great player and friend.
    PGA1957 on PC
    XxPGAPROxX on PS4
  • You can add me too. Looking for people to play with. Tag is PIZADAWAN
  • I can play GA alright nothing special but heroes vs villians im much better. PSN - Tomahawked86
  • Hi, feel free to add me - UK time zone. Also looking for players to join up with

    Lots of GA, max'ed officer, sentry and specialist nearly there, assault will be next. Need to also work on my heroes.

    PSN Andy-El_Loco
    PSN - Andy-El_Loco

    Do or do not, there is no try
  • i also need people to team up with psn oVoGizmo
  • Cane_danko is my username. I am new but i have been playing a lot. Hit me up if u want
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