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4 Players - Glitching ! [4 Darth Mauls]

Jumped into a HvV mode with my mate only to see 4 of this guys cheating and farming XP points. This accounts need to be checked and permanently ban from the game. We got on the game thinking we can relax and have fun but when there are people like this on this game it really don't even make sense to continue playing. BAN them and loyal customers wont stop playing the game. I have spent so much in this game to support the entire team at dice but this needs sorting out asap.

We were getting destroyed by 4 darth mauls the entire game. People kept leaving in our team and the guys later switched over to Captain Phasams placing 4 turrets down and camping.


  • Way to shoot their DPS output in the foot. Bring in a Chewie and a Lando. A Finn for good measure, and proceed with the slaughter. (4 x phasma countered.)

    As for Maul, no matter. The light side ideal comp is so called for a reason. So long as your Blasters know how to roll to dodge lightsabers, Maul(s) will do nothing but run about like headless chickens, and then get blasted in the face.

    The ideal comp, incase you didn't know, is Yoda(Heals. 260 extra HP is a lifesaver), Lando(Disabler is literally the most valuable tool lightside has), Chewie(Kill anything and everything) and Luke(Disruptions and CC incase they get too close to blasters). If you're confident in your skill, trade Luke for Finn because Big Deal is the second most overpowered ability to grace the game, second only to Rey's Insight in GA.
  • They're just having a laugh. Do the glitch too and come back a 4 heroes.


  • bfloo
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    3 of Phasma's droids, that must have been fun
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  • Way to shame!!
  • way to shame? are you dumb? that's ruining the game
    camerog wrote: »
    Way to shame!!

  • If they are all the same character then they all have the same weaknesses - EXPLOIT them. A varied team has the advantage here. Double, triple, quadruple of the same character is a bad strategy and I’ve never seen it work personally. People try this all the time to me and my team and we just laugh cuz it doesn’t help
  • they all had droids with phasma in the corner waiting ! you really think randoms in my team going to seat back think and work together?
  • AbyssWatch3r
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    Pointless, they still haven't even fixed the multi hero glitch in bf2015. They always Focus on the wrong thing, like nerfing officer or something.
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  • It's cheating plain and simple. Even if the normal gameplay was great exploits like this and modded controllers are the death of any online shooter.
  • ive seen this done with vaders in HvV and one time faced 6 wookies in a hangar on hoth yikes
  • They are just trying to have fun. Stop complaining. I wish I knew how to do the glitch, not to cheat, but because my friend and I always fight over who uses Han.
  • Yes, this is wrong and annoying. But naming and shaming is not allowed on the forum, so I suggest you take down the picture. You can get in serious trouble for that. We have made several complaint threads about this issue and I hope it is resolved soon. But so far they haven't found a solution.
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  • I did it recently for a laugh. We did 2 Vaders.. Hilarious watching random team mate notice you and then just stand staring at you both.


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