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Let’s do a Poll? Which Planet do you want the most to be added to Star Wars Battlefront 2?

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Coruscant-13 Votes-46 Percent

Scafic- 5 Votes- 18 Percent

Jedha City- 4 Votes- 14 Percent

Utapau- 2 Votes- 7 Percent

Mygetto- 2 Votes- 7 Percent

Mustafar- 1 Vote- 4 Percent

Felucia- 1 Vote- 4 Percent

Dagobar-0 Percent

D’quar-0 Votes- 0 Percent

Corellia-0 Votes- 0 Percent

Notice- I am only including movie planets and data for the poll for be shown later and please only say one planet you want and why. I am only including one vote per post any more will be invalid.

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