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Increase GPU Performance?

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edited September 2018
Hi, I've been a long time PS4 player, but recently I just bought a new laptop, and I picked up the game while it was on sale.
The laptop is an ASUS UX331, and has a Quad Core i5, and an MX150 dGPU.
While the MX150 can breeze through most AAA games, BF2's insane graphical quality, coupled with relatively restrictive video settings, means I'm struggling to maintain 60fps, even with minimum settings, a 50-65% resolution scale, and editing the configs. I've followed LowSpecGamer's list of tweaks, but I find it really frustrating to have to turn down the resolution scale, as it is the only graphics setting that hampers my skill.
I would gladly take potato mode 1080p, over decent 540p, but I have been unable to find any mods or guides with this in mind (other than the previously mentioned LowSpecGamer).

TL;DR: Are there any programs/mods that would lower texture quality or something to allow me to turn my resolution back up to glorious 100%, and still get 60fps?


  • I'll first say upfront that I'm not aware of any such third party program that can further adjust the game's graphics settings. And if there are, I'm not sure if these may set off any illegal hack/cheat alarms on EA's side.

    Resolution at 540p?! How are you going to hit or even see anything beyond point blank range? :P Your laptop is unfortunately not suited for such games and you're already working it overtime. 8GBs of RAM is really cutting it thin and should be upgraded if possible. Keep background programs to a minimum, turn on game mode in Windows 10 (if available), don't play on a wireless connection. Just some suggestions I can think of for now.

    I humbly suggest keeping your current laptop for work and browsing, and get a proper gaming laptop or PC if you want a less frustrating experience. Even a low end gaming focused laptop will be better than what you currently have.

    Also, depending on how competitive you want to be, you might want to look beyond 60hz as this is a FPS game, and you'll get a bigger advantage with a higher framerate screen. Yes, you will also need a rig that can generate that higher framerate, and that will cost more...But that's the unavoidable pay-to-win nature of such PC games.
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