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Improve the matchmaking by letting players join lobbies "before" the game loads (if possible)

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edited September 2018
I don't know if this would be possible due to how BF2 was already designed, but I wish to request the devs that one of the ways they can improve the matchmaking is by letting players to join lobbies before the game loads (instead of joining after the game loads like how it currently works), and only loads a match when a requirement of number of players are met (or when a match is already active). This allows players to quickly leave the lobby in a flash by skipping the loading screen because they are still in the main menu screen.

I think we can agree that the most common reason for players to leave the lobbies is due to either being empty, so they will try again to join another lobby in hopes for having enough players to start a match quickly. However, if they would still be able do so while being in the main menu, it can save a lot of time (particularly for console players, since PC players can already load the game much quicker).

Although I'm very grateful that the devs have already improved BF2 for console players by making it load the matches quicker than ever (though still not as quick as PC players), which is very beneficial since it does help save plenty of time, but I still believe that one of the better ways to improve the matchmaking is by joining lobbies before the loading screen as it helps save even more time.

This function is something that its predecessor BF2015 already has, and it was really helpful for console players due to how long it takes to load the game, especially now more than ever due to having much lower player base (since many of us are now playing the successor BF2). Those who played that game should already have a clearer idea of what I'm talking about.
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