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December CC

Game CTD when trying to join Strike matches

Anytime I find and join a Strike match, game CTD while loading the map.


Playing on PC, drivers nVidia Geforce 399.07 Windows 10 v 1803 comp 17134.286

Never had any problem with performance or crashes, I run the game in ultra settings and it runs butter smooth (just some CTD's before summer, but it was my fault due an oc not done well on my CPU, cleared the OC solved the problem). Ive been through these several updates since and never got a problem.

Other modes work fine...

Anyone the same?


  • Even worse. I just entered the game and it crashes every time I try to join any game.

  • I've tested several scenarios:

    - I've updated drivers and the CTD still there (all my others games are fine, my computer always ran BFII at ultra settings smooth & flawlessly).
    - I load the game, main menu is ok. I select play > multiplayer > assault > GA and the game get a game fast, and when loading the map, the game CTD (it generates a dump file in the User>documents>BFII folder)
    - Each mode i try to play, CTD when loading map.
    - Started game and when I selected Strike and no game was found and my game created a lobby, then the lobby get full and the match started with no problems whatsoever.
    - Then I was able to play match after match and then i quit and return to the main menu and only then Im able to join any mode with no problem
    - If i try to join a mode and a match already in progress then CTD, IT SEEMS.
    - When I join a game in a new lobby Im able to play, IT SEEMS.

    I have to try if I can create an arcade match and see if then I can quit the arcade and join any lobby in some modes.

    This is happening to me since the patch, NEVER BEFORE, never a problem or ping issue, or empty lobbies for me, my game always ran fine with almost no issues (almost a year playing on PC).

    Please report here if u have something like this (Ive seen ppl is reporting crashing in consoles)
  • Its not just Strike. Its GA also. Never had a crashing problem before.
  • Confirmed.

    The game CTD when joining full or semi full lobbies at any mode.

    But If I load any arcade game and then quit, Im able to join any multiplayer mode.

    It is a 'solution'.

    But it must be revised and fixed.
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