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November Community Calendar

Extraction Mode and Operations

There's been a lot of outcry recently over the need for more Extraction maps, and although it's a game mode that's very hit or miss for me personally, I absolutely agree that there there should be more maps added to the mode. Another 2-3 would add a great deal of variety to the mode...

But Extraction should not be its own mode.

Blast should remain it's own mode and shouldn't be messed with. It's Team DeathMatch, pure and simple. Again, I'm not the biggest Blast fan, but it works very well for what it is. Add maps as they come into the game, but don't change a thing.

Ewok Hunt should have more scenarios added to it (E.g. Wampas, Geonosians, etc. which I've detailed in an earlier post) and should become HUNT mode.

Extraction should be the first of the true "Operations." Operations mode should consist of 2-4 maps for each of the following modes: Extraction, Drop Zone, JetPack Cargo (or Cargo), Droid Run, and an ESCORT mission similar to phase 2 of the Death Star DLC where Rebels had to Escort R2D2 to safety. The subject could be R2, BB-8, or a random Droid.

Maps could be specific to the modes. So we get the variety in both modes AND locations.

Ideally, 2-3 maps per mode. Planets can repeat, but not maps. Kessel and Jabba's Palace have Extraction. If the Sullust and/or Bespin were added great. My ESCORT mode could run on Death Star and Takodana. JetPack Cargo runs on MosEisley and could fit on Kamino. Droid run could bring back a BF2015 Jawa map, and could work on Naboo, Endor, and Crait. Drop Zone would fit on practically any outdoors map, but for variety sake let's say Hoth, Starkiller Base, and Kashyykk.
Point is, Operations is where these types of modes should live. And I feel like none of them could truly stand on their own for long enough to justify their own mode with a dozen maps. These are just ideas, but I think we can get both the additional maps we desire AND a nice variety of gameplay.

These smaller modes are PERFECT for this kind of mix in Operations.


  • You had me until you mentioned Jetpack Cargo. That game mode is so far off base to be even called cargo since it is nothing like capture the flag and the unlimited aerials and rockets flying everywhere make that mode useless and not fun.

    I agree that true modes from BF15 like regular cargo, Dropzone and droid run would make a lot of sense in operations along side Extraction. I’m not a fan of a playlist between all those modes. You should be able to choose if you want to play Dropzone for 3 hours in a row for example, :smiley:

    As for maps, they should just port BF2015 maps over with the game modes. It would make everyone happy and would be easier than starting from scratch
  • I don't disagree. To be honest, I only included JPC because some people like it. I'm not one of them. I cant stand the mode. Thought for the sake of variety it's inclusion makes sense in the mix. There's a whole slew of BF15 content that should make a comeback
  • The thing is, the whole style of play in JPC is completely different than actual objective-oriented modes like Extraction, or even modes like Drop Pod or Droid Run. JPC actually has more in common with free-for-all modes like Blast or fantasy modes like HvV than it does with any of the more realistic objective-oriented modes.
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