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Starfighter Assault ‘DEFEATED’

Anyone else experiencing this glitch/bug?
Suddenly out of nowhere a defeated tab just pops up ever though you’re still intact and you cant spawn afterwards as the timer keeps resetting itself?


  • Yeah, it's our new pet peeve, if not psychotic rage trigger, after the last patch. :angry:
  • Happened to me last week on PS4, I was stuck in that loop for 2 minutes then all of a sudden I spawned back in to a match that had 30 seconds left in it. No fun.
  • Yes, and there are other threads about this same problem.

    You have to press options and respawn. Until they fix it.
    Give me back my Jetpack Cargo!! Pleeeeeaaaaaassssseeeeee!!!!
  • I think it has something to do with players/ai spawning right on each other.

    I saw about 4 xwings spawn right in the same place in front of me and they immediately all exploded a few days ago.

    When it happens to you, you just explode before you see your ship spawn.
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